Morgan Heritage - "Selah" #APART {A Picture And Reggae Tune}

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This my favorite travel song. This song is about travel and a bit about the United States. I used a picture with a bag on my sister's back because it connected with the video.


A Picture And a Reggae Tune
by ReggaeJAHM Community

I know this song for a long time. It is my favorite travel song. It is about that American is not the best and they are many places that are better and beautiful like American. I don't know many songs from Morgan Heritage. I think I know this one the best.

My sister said it is the best song ever. I think this song is her favorite reggae song. I love to travel and I love songs. He talks about many places. I really love when they are in Paris. I would love to go there someday.

My Future Travels

I love to travel but I don't really like to sit on a plane all hours. My sister too likes to travel but she loves the plane very much. My sister loves to watch movies in the airplane. My sister always wants to go somewhere that has beaches and snow.

I would love to travel around the world and learn about those countries. If I can go where ever I want I will go everywhere. I was very scared on my first flight. I am not uncomfortable at all on my first flight. I had a plane sick. It is the worst on my first flight.




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Monkey B


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Aww getting sick of flying is the worst, especially if you have to travel for days...
The longest flight of mine was 8 - 9 hours, so I didn't have too much of a discomfort. Some people try to sleep during flights, so they don't have to focus on the uncomfortable side of traveling.

Yes it is the worst but it is just for my first flight after that I am fine. I think my longest flight is 10 or 11 hours. I always sleep when I flight. Some times I play games in the airplane and watch some movies. I often fell asleep when I play game. !ENGAGE 25

Yes, I take a book with me, watch a video and sleep on planes.

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I think you have a pretty good understanding of this tune Srey-Yuu. Morgan Heritage songs are always in very clear English, so much easier for you to understand.

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Thank you dad. I am not really good but I can understand some. You are always right dad. !ENGAGE 15

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A country with snow and good beaches? Sounds like Japan :)

I think Japan is what my sister want to go. I think I should try Japan someday too. !ENGAGE 5

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Thank you.