Scratch/Sample Your Own Voice/Acapella (W.S.D.Volk - P. to the People - Making Of Part 2)

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Good Morning Jahmers & Hive Bees!

So i had one verse ready for Wir Sind Das Volk - Power To The People:
And yesterday i decided, that i will scratch & sample the second
verse, using my own acapella from my track "Trap", which fits
to the topic and the trap riddim.

Original Track: Trap



I like the scratching in the tunes, gives it nuff vibes. Big up! Real DJ in the place!

Need something like that on the Riddim I sent you, instead of a chorus.

Regarding the Riddim I sent you
I think 16 bar would be good but go with you gut.

Yo! I don’t know why Hive don’t support Spotify, the missing link on the block.

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Respect Bredda...the first 8 bars ready...
@mrfloridakeyz is your bredda/the producer, right?
16 ready soon... How you wanna arrange/mix the track?
Funny, my Hive & PeakD shows the Spotify player..?
Geo-location business??

Yeah man MrForidakeyz made it. Is a sweet track. The 8’bat sound good, up to you if you wanna go 16. I think you should mix this one, and put in some scratch between our verses. I need to re-do my verse as what I did was a demo. See how the 8 bar fits in after my verse, I think that’s the tricky part, then you will see how
Well a16 bar fits.

Yeah man, Big Ups @mrfloridakeyz !
Ok, lemme flow and see if i write 16 or start cutting
up a hook, like DJ Premiere (Gangstarr) kinda like... what do you think..? Any ideas of samples to cut in for the hook?

Mine don’t show it, hmmm might be brave browser or as you say geolocation.

Do you use VPN?

I see the mistake I made, I was t using the embed link 😅 but it doesn't work on Reggaejahm interface.

Gotta link Eon the hive engine dev bout that

No mistake, i am using the embed-links, here...technical stuff is also really funny these days...just make it work somehow!😜

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