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Respect Jahmers πŸ‡―πŸ‡² & Hive & Music Lovers...

Another tune from Konshens new album Red Reign: Boom Bang. Yeah alright, not the deepest lyrics πŸ˜… , but you might know/heard this Riddim already, and it's worth listening...

Last year there was this tune Deh Yah from Gyptian ft. Collie Buddz produced by Ricky Blaze. I think the Riddim is amazing with the background synth-layers, and now Konshens made use of this Riddim, too....bringing you: Boom Bang ft. Davido.

Enjoy + the Remix to "Deh Yah" with Keznamdi...Puuuuull Up, Rewind Selectah!😎

Konshens - Red Reign.jpg

Konshens ft. Davido: Boom Bang

Keznamdi ft. Gyptian & Ricky Blaze: Deh Yah Remix

DJ Luca1777 - Quality Selection Respecting the Culture.✌️

New Tune Every Day Is On! See You Tomorrow.πŸ˜‰

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