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RE: JAHMin' Posts Of The Week [July 12th - July 18th, 2021] New Turntable Mixes, JAHMer Minnowhood, a Tommy Chong Interview, Jamaican Reality TV, Dragonfruit Rice Cakes, & More!!

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Bless Up! Many Thanks πŸ™
It's DJ Luca1777
spoken: Luca One Triple Seven πŸ˜‰

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Big up yourself! My bad, I was keeping it casual, just referring to you as our friend Luca who is a DJ. Sorry, I'll remember to always use your stage name from now on out. I'm just Justin, but if I had a stage name, it'd probably be Daddy Farts, cause that's what my family calls me.

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.. by the one and only DJ Luca...
..sounds to me like you presentin' a DJ, not
..referring to you as our friend Luca who is a DJ..
..which would be absolutely cool with me. πŸ˜‰