JAHMin' Posts Of The Week [July 12th - July 18th, 2021] New Turntable Mixes, JAHMer Minnowhood, a Tommy Chong Interview, Jamaican Reality TV, Dragonfruit Rice Cakes, & More!!

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Greetings from Suriname Reggae JAHMers!! It's @JustinParke here with the latest and greatest JAHMin' Posts Of The Week.


     One of our very own JAHMers just reached minnowhood, so we congratulate him on this marker of Hive success. We also have a Jamaican interview with Tommy Chong, definitely worth a watch if you have time. That's not all, we've got some Jamaican reality TV brewing and a new mix by the one and only DJ Luca. I also leave you with something Ital to snack on, Pov's legendary dragonfruit rice cakes.

     You don't need to be in the Caribbean or from it to post in our community. From Ital food to reggae music, Caribbean news and much more is welcome in our community. To learn more about our tags/cultural initiatives, see the following posts: Dashout Sunday, APART, and RJNAS.

     Every week I select a 5% beneficiary of this post, and this week I chose @bearmol because this yaad' man just reached minnowhood, so we big him up.

The Healer Riddim Turntable Mix by DJ Luca1777:

by: @luca1777

Celebrating Minnow Status 🐟 - Big Red Lighthouse

by: @bearmol

Ganjactivist.com - Cannabis and Coffee Interview with Tommy Chong

by: @ganjactivist

876 Roommates - A Comedy Reality Challenge Jamaican Style

by: @dmilliz

Steamed Dragonfruit Rice Cakes With Taro Filling

by: @sreypov


Stay tuned for more JAHMIN Posts Of The Week...

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Thank you for mention 😊

Of course chef Pov, my pleasure.

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Bless Up! Many Thanks 🙏
It's DJ Luca1777
spoken: Luca One Triple Seven 😉

Big up yourself! My bad, I was keeping it casual, just referring to you as our friend Luca who is a DJ. Sorry, I'll remember to always use your stage name from now on out. I'm just Justin, but if I had a stage name, it'd probably be Daddy Farts, cause that's what my family calls me.

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.. by the one and only DJ Luca...
..sounds to me like you presentin' a DJ, not
..referring to you as our friend Luca who is a DJ..
..which would be absolutely cool with me. 😉

Bless up ReggaeJahm. Nuff respect.

Right back at ya' my friend. Giving thanks from Suriname.

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 4 months ago (edited)

@luca1777, we need more of those mix videos. Keep at it, the thing ting will build.

Bless up Justin, respect every time!

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I hear you, Boss 😉
Soon come...