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Well, it has been a rather long and busy week. I really felt like eating something familiar but new at the same time. Why not?! I’ll tell you what I put in it , how I made it and you can name it and tell me what you think it would go well with.

What I bought :




Some eggs, beef sinew and chicken. Give your chicken and beef a good wash with lemon, lime or vinegar.

Give that a wash.





Watch me now, I threw in some biriyani spice mix, I tablespoon of jerk sauce , 1 onion 🧅 sliced , maybe a whole clove of garlic, ginger for a nice kick, 3 peppers for a nicer kick , some lemon grass. Did I say 🫑? Just throw your favorite vegetables in. I can’t miss the horse radish (wish I had some potatoes 🥔)
Anyway I put these in the pressure pot and cook for about 15 minutes as I marked a set of essays and set the eggs to boil.
Next up!
Now turn off the first round let it cool a bit , open that pressure pot.
Remove the shell from the eggs and add them to the mix, add your bbq sauce or whatever sauce you like, I added some soy sauce and dashi too. If you are afraid of pepper now is the time to remove the peppers 🌶






I almost forgot to tell you about 50C8073691064E8A84AEB37740D8933F.jpeg
tofu and smoked sausage! That Smokey flavor gave this meal life! I don’t know what to call the meal. Any suggestions? What would you eat it with? One of these days I’ll try a vegetarian version. Until then, walk good !





I would eat that with some roast breadfruit and roast yam. Looks flavorful and delicious. I’d call it Jerked-Smoked Protein Combo Stew.haha

I like the name again ! Mek wi run wid it!

Haha! Long name

Dash out mi bredda. Look like mi haffi fine yu today.lol

Hahaha should have seen this earlier.

Hi @missaj
I don't know what I name that dish. But as I think of a name I'll figure out what it tastes like, I think I might have an idea.
It looks really good.
Smoked gives a special touch to everything, it really does.

It’s a new discovery I tell you. There will be smoking in my house 😆

OMG, I didn't understand why you wrote "smoking" 😆, I was wrong.

I meant "smoked", I corrected it. in the commentary. Thank you.
But anyway, if you want to smoking in your house, no problem 🤣

You were right 😂 I meant smoked 😂

 13 days ago 

Briyani seasoning, cool nuh man. What do you call that egg meat contraption 😂?

Undefined Bro Bro lol

The dish looks yummie!
And the steps look doable 😅

Enjoy the week 😊


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