MY First NFT Music Instrumental Now Up For Sale And....

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Loaded up my first NFT beat for sale on @nftshowroom. Was easier than I thought.

I took a slightly different approach from
The music NFTS I saw there as I cater to professional recording artistes and executive producers.

I quickly realized that the platform isn’t really geared towards that.

What do I mean?

For professional recording, when buying a beat, the artiste or producer will want the stems or wav files of each sound seperatly, of the instrumental, so they can mix as they please, add or subtract sounds.

But in the unlockable section of minting an NFT on the showroom, there is nowhere to really place the link to that download muchless an MP3 or WAV download . But I get it, that’s a lot of files to store.

What I decided to do.

So I decided to go ahead with the professional instrumentals in which anyone who purchases this NFT will get the stems as well. The only thing is it will take me sending them the files via download link once purchased via the message feature on the NFT showroom. But basically that is how I’ve always sold beats, I sent the files after via download link to the buyers email.

So Why make an NFT?

Good question. I think it makes the music more accessible to forward thinking people which the crypto space consists of and it also gives HIVE holders a way to buy an asset that they can use in the real world as well as the digital, but most importantly it shows true ownenership of this asset as it is public on the blockchain.

And here is a preview of my first NFT

What you get when you purchase this NFT

  • 32 Stem wav files of each sound sent to you as a file via download link.
  • Full MP3 mix of the Sunshine Sensation Riddim how I intended it to be mixed. ( available in the file I will send to you).
  • A picture of the cover art without text. Photo taken in Negril, Jamaica on the seven miles beach. ( downloadable instantly and also in the file that will be sent to you.)
  • Complete ownership of the instrumental to do as you please.

Below is a screenshot of the 32 wav files ready to be sent to the purchaser of this Nft. Of course it is only one edition. Please read the listing for more details.

Another idea I had to make things more affordable and inline with dancehall Riddim style was to create a Riddim NFT with 10 editions. This would mean only ten artistes could record a song on the instrumental but they could distribute their song without limits. But that is an expirament for another time.

Let me know what you think about the Riddim and NFT and Beats 🎧 in general in the comments .

Blessed love!
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Good luck!

Thanks! The fun is in the journey right? 😀

That's what they say.

I'm just not sure Hive's NFT market will bring in the big $$$ like others. I hope it does.

Definitely not right now, but good spot to align and figure things out, huge potential. Right now in the minds of many NFT = ETH

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Nice Riddim, nice concept with the stems!
What is the difference using NFTs compared to selling it
the "old way"? "Only" to use NFT Showrooms & get paid in Crypto?
Bless Up!

Wanna give this one a try?😉