Battle of Dancehall 3 VS 3/Batalla de Dancehall 3 VS 3 [ENG/ESP]

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One of the incredible experiences that I have had to live in the midst of Venezuelan dancehall is the battles and their different styles and categories, this time I come to show them a battle of 3 VS 3, three teams of 3 people facing each other to win the battle with the best movement synchronized with the music, for me the best in the battles were the two girls, they really are very good, I hope you like it, thank you very much for going through this post.

Una de las increíbles experiencias que me ha tocado vivir en el medio del dancehall venezolano es las batallas y sus diferentes estilos y categorías, en esta oportunidad vengo a mostrar eles una batalla de 3 VS 3, tres equipo de 3 personas enfrentándose para ganar la batalla de mejor movimiento sincronizado con la música, para mí las mejores en la batallas fueron las dos chicas, de verdad que son muy buenas, espero que les guste, muchas gracias por pasar por este post.




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These guys are full of vibes. The girl that appeared first is my favorite. They are dancing to some real hardcore Dancehall tunes. Glad you got to capture the moment.

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That's right brother!... It has a lot of vibes. Those guys, you have very good taste, she's a very good dancer, one of the best in Venezuela, and yes, old school dancehall music is respected here, it's the favorite.

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