Chichi vs Adrii - Final Dancehall queen - La Casualidad Battle Vol.1

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Today I come to show you the final of the Event of La Casualidad, in which Adrii vs La chichi participates, the two finalists who come to fight hard in the battle to take the crown of Dancehall queen.

Hoy vengo a mostrarle la final del Evento de La Casualidad, en la cual participa Adrii vs La chichi, las dos finalistas que vienen a darse duro en la batalla por llevarse la corona de Dancehall queen.

It is interesting to see how a whole culture comes together to enjoy. Before arriving at these spaces, I never imagined that all this great community existed in Caracas, the great interest that there is in Venezuela for the culture of Jamaica is incredible, I love all this, I really enjoyed it a lot, I hope you too Little by little I will be releasing the videos of the competition so that you can enjoy all this great movement that exists in Venezuela.

Es interesante ver cómo toda una cultura se reúne para disfrutar. Antes de llegar a estos espacios, jamás me imaginé que toda esta gran comunidad existía en Caracas, es increíble el gran interés que hay en Venezuela por la cultura de Jamaica, me encanta todo esto, de verdad que lo disfruté mucho, espero que ustedes también, poco a poco iré soltando los videos de la competencia para que puedan ir disfrutando de todo esté gran movimiento que existe en Venezuela.

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Yes brother, here in Caracas there are quite a few dancehall organizations, and of course yes, I hope to bring a lot of dancehall material.

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Good to see the Dancehall Vibe Live & Up in Venezuela! A madd Ting! Bring it on bro, I never imagined Caracas had such a seen either.

Wow... I couldn't do what those ladies are doing...
Nice to see a bit of these scenes online and it's real life, nothing staged or whatever. And even though it's a challenge/battle, you could see those women cheering each other huh.

Thank you for sharing your culture with us :)

Definitely not my cup of tea, but it's obvious these girls have talent. Glad to see the climber didn't fall. Bless up!

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