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Carlene and Marva.jpg

Meet Carlene and Marva. Don't be like Marva!

Recently did an animated commercial for a client. It was simple, but I had to spice it up a bit. Two ladies at a bus stop discussing taking a COVID test before boarding a flight. Check out the animation from Jamaica below and let me know what you think. Also, if you want to see how I animate this behind the scenes, let me know. I animated it in a software called MOHO Pro.

Big up to Kenia Mattis from Listen Mi Caribbean for the recommendation.


Look like Carlene and Marva not into the mask ting at a public place like a bus stop.

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I like the diversity, fatty and slimaz, browning and chocolate. Characters have a familiar feel too, like 2 dancehall queen you would find on social media. I surprised they aren't wearing masks though LOL, I guess they are extreme anti vaxers hehehehe.

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I didn't put them in masks because then we wouldn't get to enjoy their designs, plus they are good friends. Notice she had the mask on while testing. To design the characters I watched a lot of dancehall videos.

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