Reggae melody on guitar! Music lesson from @Peter-Stone

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Reggae melody on guitar! Music lesson from @Peter-Stone.


Hi Hive, hi Jamaica!

Some time ago, I started recording short guitar lessons.

Today, it's Reggae's turn.

The video is in Russian, but I think that the lesson will be clear to everyone who wants to learn how to play reggae.

Set the capadastre at the 5th fret and ... let's go!

By @Peter-Stone.

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Cool. Lessons here, buddy

Anyone who wants to learn to play raggae will do just fine

Keep it up, buddy

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Simple technique but an addictive sound!

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 last month 

A nice little the lesson there. You got skills with the guitars man!

Thank you very much! I am very glad that you liked my performance, but it was a small, very small lesson). Everything miniature came to our world from Japan, microcircuits, portable devices, therefore, in this lesson, there is also a little Japan).

We want more... 😅
But good start 👍

Thank you! I really hope I can show more).

Looking forward to it.

I can't rush it)

Hahaha of course not. Creativity can't be forced ;)