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Some favourite experiences to celebrate #sublimesunday hosted by @c0ff33a and #dashoutsunday hosted by @dmilliz and @reggaejahm. It's early summer and seasonal asparagus has been on sale for a few weeks now. I love asparagus and eat it two or three times a week during the season. I have a few crowns in the garden, maybe I should aim for a whole bed of asparagus!

My weekly delivery box had fresh asparagus, strawberries and wild garlic this week, all grown in Lincolnshire in England. The strawberries, especially, were delicious.

I've had asparagus twice while I was eating out at restaurants in Liverpool this week. This dish was chicken in white wine and mushrooms with asparagus. Gorgeous! I had french beans and courgettes fried in tempura batter on the side, with a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio, all from San Carlo Liverpool.

My second asparagus dish was from Castle St Town House Liverpool - pan fried loin of cod with asparagus, broad beans, crushed new potatoes and prawn and caper butter. Also delicious, this time with Pinot Grigio Blush. Certainly worth dashing out for!

The countryside around Leicester is exquisitely beautiful in early summer. Here's cow parsley in full flow under the trees edging the sports ground and running track at the back of where I live.

Across the path is an unused field, left to meadow and, this time of year, filled with buttercups. This was taken about midday on a perfect summer's day. I would have loved to have spent an hour here, lying down gazing at the sky.
The avenue separating the running track and the buttercup field, cool and inviting on a warm summer's day. Paths like this always tempt me, even though I know there is only a roundabout at the end of this one.
While in Liverpool, I visited the Peace Doves installation at the Anglican Cathedral. I was really pleased with this photograph which seemed to capture some of the magic of the installation. In life, from a distance, it looks very ethereal, but the scale of that is hard to capture in a digital on-the-internet picture:

Peace Doves is a mass participation art installation, created by renowned sculptor and artist Peter Walker. It features around 18,000 paper doves suspended on 15.5 miles of ribbon from the ceiling of the Cathedral, accompanied by a soundscape from composer David Harper ... visitors to the cathedral, along with local school children and community groups were invited to write messages of peace, hope and love onto thousands of paper doves. (Source)

And to finish, cool, new-to-me, music from George Evelyn.

I heard this one morning while I was having a coffee in another Liverpool eating house. Specially for @luca1777 - hope you like it and you are having a #sublimesunday!



Do save me some of that asparagus would ya? Things are looking green, summer has arrived in the far north.

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Hello @justinparke, good to see you, hope you and yours are well.
It certainly is green here, England is at its best in the early summer.

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Good to see you @teamuksupport 🙂

A friend was just in Liverpool and said it was great. We may go up that way soon. Enjoy your asparagus. We've had some too, but never had much luck growing our own.

It is a very fine city, so much to see! I went this time for the Liverpool Bienniel, only just crept in between the re-opening of the gallery and the end of the show. Yes, I understand asparagus can be tricky, it seems to grow well in coastal regions.

What's good @shanibeer ! Good to hear from you & your delicious
summer walk.😉 I went for a bike & walk & then bike again in the park
meeting friends...also summer weather..nice.
You wish is nice. I like the part in the video at the end, where he
draws a circle to step inside a new reality...kinda like...😀
I still listen to my Smokers Delight Vinyl from Nightmares on Wax on the regular...

Ah, I guessed he wouldn't be new to you!
I'm going to check more of his stuff over the next few weeks. It sounded good soft or loud!
Everything is good here, beautiful weather, it sounds like it is lovely where you are, too.

Nightmares on Wax is Classic Material, nice to hear
new stuff...enjoy your time!😉
Send me an email to Mail@Luca1777.com , and i'll send
you the Plandemic Reggae mp3.
Heard the Dub Mix?

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pan fried loin of cod with asparagus, broad beans, crushed new potatoes and prawn and caper butter.

Now that sounds amazing!

I sometimes eat asparagus with mayo and a little soy sauce while I drink beer 🍺 perfect combo 👌🏾

It was truly delicious and a good price, too!

Now I like your tip for eating asparagus, I will try that with the next delivery!


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Hello @foodiesunite and thank you @anggreklestari, that is very kind :) How are you? Are you still involved with @tasteem or has that all changed now?

The dish looks tasty and what an interesting creation the Peace Dove art piece.
I haven't heard sounds like this in a very long time. Brings back a certain vibe from when I was younger.

Brings back a certain vibe from when I was younger.


Good to see you @tanjakolader, hope all is well!


Yes, having a tight schedule coming weeks, but enjoying the days.
Really enjoyed those shots of summer in the UK 😊.

Enjoy the new week!

Thank you - it is beautiful here at the moment and the weather is perfect - cool in the mornings and warm and sunny in the afternoons.
Enjoy your week, too 🙂

Oh that sounds wonderful. Here it's relatively enjoyable or at least where I'm located and where I sit at my desk I enjoy cool breezes. I know by now, when there's no wind blowing, that it's likely that it'll rain; the calm before the storm so to speak hihi.

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

My pleasure @star.lord and thank you for coming by 😍