Three Reggae Memories | Israelites | Ghost Town | I'm In The Mood for Love

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Make a cool cover picture? Here's one I found on the Internet 😁

Hello ReggaeJAHMers

I've been missing you so long 🙂. When I saw this picture come up in my feed and that I had a month to get my act together, I thought "I can do this" 😂.

First of all, though, shoutout to @bearmol! I see you've recently completed a month on the blockchain, we've already said hello in the Saturday Savers Club and here you are in ReggaeJAHM, fabulous 😍.

Now, everyone knows I am old school (and avant garde, all at the same time 😛), so I've picked three memories from times long gone past that are still alive and kicking today.


Israelites - The Dualers


Three in one in this memory: Desmond Dekker's Israelites, released by Trojan Records, was the first reggae song to reach number one in the UK charts way back in 1969, and a global million sales were reported in June of that year. I can remember being so excited!

Here's Israelites being performed by Tyber Cranstoun in North End Road Market in Fulham, London in 2016. Originally, the Dualers were Tyber and his brother, Si, who started busking around south London and Essex after finishing school (and maybe before, but at a young age, you get the picture).

In 2004, the Dualers busked their way to number 21 in the UK charts with their own song, Kiss on the Lips, all without any backing from the music industry. It's a catchy little song (see them busking here), bringing Jamaica to London town:

Your daddy says I should leave you alone
But from the start you know you stole my heart
Now I can't forget you
So take a trip along the River Thames
To Tower Bridge
My favourite bridge
Then home to Crystal Palace

I worked round the corner from North End Road Market, a mile or two from where I lived in Chelsea. Fulham is a strange place, it's a peninsula in the Thames, only accessible from the north and across the river from the south. Like much of London, you'll hear many languages on the streets and in the markets. And, like so many other parts of London, it has some of the poorest neighbourhoods sitting cheek by jowl with areas which have seen the highest increases in house prices in the past decade, rivalled only by Sandbanks in Dorset.


Source: The Dualers
The Dualers, now a seven-piece band, are touring this year. They'll be at the Winter Gardens in Margate on Saturday 13 November, when (at least) three generations of my family are planning to go as a reunion (some of us haven't seen each other for over a year) and celebration.

Si Cranstoun, the other half of the original Dualers, also has his own band and tours extensively. Here he is doing a great version of Reet Petite.

Ghost Town - The Specials


Ah, Coventry. Like Leicester where I live now, Coventry is a city in the Middle Lands of England. You used to hear a joke in Leicester about a new motto for the city, "at least it's not Coventry". Well, the joke's on Leicester now as Coventry is UK City of Culture 2021.

The City of Culture programme will include the first major exhibition of the lives and legacies of the two-tone era, one of the most inspiring periods of postwar youth culture, when Coventry hosted the most innovative music scene in Britain. The iconic beats and dubs of Ghost Town by The Specials, released in 1981, summed up the laying to waste of much of industrial Britain in the eighties.

The Specials published their music on 2 Tone Records set up by band member Jerry Dammers in 1979:

Dammers, with the assistance of Horace Panter and graphic designers John "Teflon" Sims and David Storey, created artwork that was to become central to 2 Tone Records. The logo portrays a man in a black suit, white shirt, black tie, pork pie hat, white socks and black loafers. Named "Walt Jabsco", the fictional character was based on a photograph of Peter Tosh, a former member of the Wailers. (Source)

I worked in Wood End in Coventry for a while, where Specials band member Neville Staples and his family lived. Neville was a great supporter of community events and I met him several times. He never recognised me 😂.

There will also be a three day music festival as part of the City of Culture, curated by Terry Hall, previously lead singer with The Specials. Now in his sixties, I'm curious to see what Terry will include in the festival.


I'm in the Mood for Love - Rico Rodriguez


I love this song! Originally published in 1935, a ska version was recorded by Lord Tanamo in 1965, then Jamiroquai sang a beautiful version (Rico is also playing in this) with the Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra on Small World Big Band in 2001. Here's Rico singing it with Jools Holland in 2012.

Rico Rodriguez has been a constant in my journey through reggae and ska, playing with Desmond Dekker and The Specials and many, many others. I love brass instruments and Rico's trombone, taught by Don Drummond, Jamaican trombonist and composer, is a beauty.

One time Rico and I travelled together from London's City Airport to Geneva, Rico's trombone sitting on the seat beside him. He had no hand luggage, no luggage at all, apart from the trombone. Like Neville Staples before him, and Rio Ferdinand and Noel Gallagher since, Rico didn't recognise me 😂.

Incidentally, Small World Big Band has a great version of Oranges and Lemons Again, written by Jools and Suggs, about Ian Dury.

So there you are, three memories from across a lifetime, with old style ska and reggae still as popular across the generations as ever and, as Ghost Town shows, a huge influence on the British music scene, merging with many other genres.


Thanks to @dmilliz for the images.


What a surprising selection and very chill...
Good music to start the weekend with. Now I can't wait till the bars may open again and me enjoying this kind of music when socializing 😊

Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, we are looking forward to getting out and being together again 🙂.

Virtual cheers! 🥂

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Thanks for the shout out @shanibeer. Didn't realize that you were a ReggaeJahm content creator as well. Thanks for the support.

I'm a bit wayward with my posting, work is very busy 😁.
How's it going? You look like you are doing great, finding your way. It takes a little time, but it can be a lot of fun.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

That first vid is dope! I miss being able to get out and have fun like that. We usually have all types of festivals out here. They actually do a reggae fest here, but this looks like one of those chill reggae fest where everybody’s out listening to the music and having a good time.

Hello @bigtakosensei - yes, you are right, that first video is lots of fun. Everyone is out doing their shopping in the market and the singer is busking! Thank you for stopping by 🙂.

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I was listening to some early Madness the other day and thought of you. Good to see you back.

Did any girls actually like Madness or was it just a blokey thing?

Hello there 🙂
We all liked Madness, who wouldn't? 😁

It's hard to say which song I liked most ... maybe My Name is Michael Caine. Their videos were fantastic. Funny, I was thinking of you when I wrote this post a few days ago now. I must go through your back catalogue: I wanted to link the post that you wrote about the influence of reggae on English music.
Just found this as well:

Hope you all is well with you and yours - see you soon, I hope!

I like these old documentaries about styles or old bands. I watched a 10cc one a few night ago. I will watch this, thanks.

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Hey 👋 glad to see this post. A lot of history and memories. It’s interesting how “Ghost Town” is still relatable today. What a Rhythm.

El Rico’s performance was excellent! From signing to playing the trombone. I had no idea who he was. Thanks for the reggae history lesson.

It’s always interesting seeing “Madness” ( looking through the comments) it just reminds how influential the music is , from way back then.

Hello there - a month is a timescale I can work to 😁.
Yeah, I love Rico, one of the stalwarts of the English reggae scene. I'll be interested to see what's in the music festival in Coventry, see what's permeated today's music making.
How are the twins and the young one? So long since I've seen them 😍.

 3 years ago 

The concert reunion sounds like a memorable idea as good way to step out in a post pandemic world.

The boys are doing great. Growing nicely and giving a little a bit of trouble as expected 😆.

The boys are doing great. Growing nicely and giving a little a bit of trouble as expected 😆

Hehe - good to hear 🙂

Read the Prime Minister's Road Map out of lockdown, looks like our plans should work out.

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Back on form 😁

Nice selection, Shani! I got Israelites on a nice Desmond Dekker Vinyl Repress, and i know Ghost Town from Snatch, my favorite Guy Ritchie Movie 😀 😅

Thank you @luca1777, good to see you 🙂. How's things?
That Israelites - the kind of song that sends shivers up your spine! It's a long time since I've seen Snatch ... enjoyed The Gentlemen, even though it's about really not very nice people hehe.

Things are good, Shani, thanks,a lot to do,
but we all have to be strong/stay focused right now...don't we 😉
How are you?
Hey, i have to check out The Gentlemen,didn't see it until now!
As good as Snatch?

I thought better 😁. Hugh Grant plays a truly loathsome character (very well), and some of the lines are very good.

Haffi check it! 😀

Wicked tunes here - good to see you are around @shanibeer!

Thank you, good to see you @missaj! How's things?

Not too bad on this side of the Jordan.

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Exciting! Thank you @justinparke 😍

Nice music.


Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.