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RE: JAHMin' Posts Of The Week [NOV 14th - Nov 21sth, 2021] Original Music, A Place To Smoke, Ferulasi Falls, Irie Art & A New Tune by Konshens.

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YES! Almost all steel drums at the end of that song.
Steel drums in lots of Tetrahedroseph's music. Beautiful instrument.
Thanks for listening/watching @luca1777.


I love steel drums!...tropical water sounds.
Do you know/heard the Steel drummers from Trinidad & Tobago?
T&T is famous for this instrument.😉

Yes, me and the guys in the band #steelparade teach people that steel drums are from Trinidad.
Most think it’s from Hawaii 🤯!
Most think “Under The Sea” has steel drum in it.
I helped a guy build steel drums fr a little while. It was hard. Drilling a Bor Pan nearly killed my hand.

Amazing, that you already helped building a steel drum....take care of them