Playfully Learning 🃏 Business Module and A Card Game

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I can't speak about higher vocational education (HBO) in other countries, but most of those institutes in Suriname - especially those that focus on management and business - have a module wherein students have to write a business plan, start a business and sell their product or service. The learning objective is that they at least know the basics of what's needed to start a business and acquire some of the skills.


That's where the topic for today's post comes in: a group of students - The Brilliants as their company's name - selling their product in 2011. One of the students had briefly mentioned their idea to me at the time and I was instantly interested and immediately placed a pre-order, because the product was still in production.


Who has heard of the card game Quartets or better yet Go Fish or Happy Families? They slightly differ from one another, but have the main rule in common and that's collect groups of four (quartets) of the same subject, picture, classification, etc. and whoever has the most groups wins.


That was what The Brilliants wanted to create with a touch of Suriname: Quartets with subjects related to Suriname, so that people could playfully learn some facts about Suriname. They've even included a booklet with more detailed information about the topics. Some of the themes used were traditional costumes, monumental buildings, squares and statues of historic figures.


And even though this was only created for a school's project and the company probably doesn't even exist anymore - I don't even know if their company was registered at the Chamber of Commerce - I consider this card game as a collectible item and would like to keep this for generations to come.

How about you? Any modules similar to this one in your country and/or purchased any product from such a program? 🤓

Chasse into the backstage! 💃


Reading this made me miss University, as a marketing major we created many small businesses such as ice cream shop on campus, a song which people purchased and did raffles, can’t remember what else. For my group project though we didn’t creat something so meaningful as this but instead made a business plan for a restaurant that had the major dish from top countries , not a very intuitive idea but it seemed great at the time 😂 . The ice cream shop however was very practical and made a lot of money to fund the marketing seminar. I was in the logistics department, had to go buy goods and set up the tent. Wouldn’t mind doing a masters in marketing cause things have charged a lot.

That game is interesting and teaches the culture, a real collectors item indeed. I wonder what the creators of it are doing now.

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Reading this made me miss University

I read this real fast and thought you had just won some kind of pageant. 😂

So you had the entrepreneur spirit since then already. Doesn't matter how simple an idea is, as long as it's efficient and makes money.

So you had the entrepreneur spirit since then already.

My exact thought! 😅


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Wow, that's a lot of experience in businesses and no wonder you're the creative type!

Wouldn’t mind doing a masters in marketing cause things have charged a lot.

Or writing about it... Market or promote some of the knowledge and experience and someday when you have enough supporters or have marketed your craft, you'll get invited or even plan your own 😉.

I wonder what the creators of it are doing now.

The one student that I had spoken to then, is actually family and I think he's in Finance or in a Managing position or something similar in a major corporation or at least that was the last I've heard he's doing.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.


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