Preparing For The Holidays Contemplating 🌿The Days Before Christmas

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I've posted some buzzes on last week, about how I was preparing my home for the holidays and that was mainly cleaning up. Now, at the Eve of Christmas I'm proud to say that I'm mostly done. Yes, not the entire house and not everything on the list, but the most important (to me) is finished. I can enjoy the festivities now, without thinking of what to clean next.

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And now that I have time to breathe a little, I have time to contemplate and I've even started praying in the morning again. That's something I definitely want to keep doing, however small it may be. Like with this morning, I was up fairly early and was finished packing breakfast and lunch already, I looked out the door and saw the darkness making way for light, which made me appreciative of my surroundings and I then started praying the Lord's prayer.

The rest of the day was uneventful yet peaceful, until I had read a column that reminded me again of a post that I had left in draft a few weeks ago. The topic was one that gets me riled up and gets my opinions and thoughts going rampant. It's about a journalist in Suriname that had gotten beaten up by the guards of the Vice President of Suriname earlier this month for no apparent reason. Outside of the house of parliament no less. This sparked an outrage in the country, especially by the Association of Journalists in Suriname.

The case is still being investigated by the Public Prosecution Service and of course innocent until proven guilty still applies, but the perpetrators have already confessed and there are cameras present. I'm for now waiting for this case to play out, but this incident reminded me of a dark page of Suriname's tumultuous history, which was the civil war. Last year I've already shun some light on some of what happened then in the post The Lost Journey To Jerusalem 🌿 Peace in 2021 and maybe I'll dive deeper into those stories because there's more to tell.

Even this year I got to read another story about the murder of police inspector Herman Gooding, whose case hasn't been solved even today. There was no investigation, no trial and no justice served. And this brings me back to my contemplation, I'm thinking of every atrocity (that I know of) that hasn't been solved nor has justice been served. Family members still living in the dark of what had happened to their loved ones or asking themselves "Why...?"

I'm wondering "Innocent blood has been spilled during slavery and during the civil unrest, with no justice, no reparation. Is the country being suppressed because of negative vibrations in our spiritual world and would serving justice and solving those cases help bring some peace and bring people together? Will uncovering these stories at least bring understanding between peoples and (divided) groups?" I don't know much about spirituality, but these are questions going through my head.

That's how I'm preparing for the holidays: contemplating and thinking of times gone by. How about you? If you also want to share how you're preparing for the holidays, try out the Reggaejahms community contest hosted by our very own @dmilliz. Check out this post for more information:

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That is an empathetic way to prepare for the holidays. There I was thinking only in Jamaica no justice is served.
Despite all the negativity, I hope you were able to have a merry Chirstmas with family and friends.

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There I was thinking only in Jamaica no justice is served.

No, a lot of injustices haven't gotten their days in court yet, but I hope that someday the cases will be solved that justice will be served.

Despite all the negativity, I hope you were able to have a merry Chirstmas with family and friends.

That for sure 😊.


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