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That's so true regarding communities sticking together and you guys not fitting in anywhere, because of being "different".

And it's indeed getting grimmer and grimmer. Sunday we spoke to our parents who also don't see it getting better in the coming years and they've lived through the civil unrest in the eighties, so yeah.

Kids are stronger than we think and we could learn a thing or two from them.


Well, not only is the future grim here, the global situation looks pretty dim in general. The rich will certainly get richer during this time, but it's also a chance for poorer countries to experiment with opening their borders to gain much-needed economic stimulus.

I like what Albania's doing, having basically opened its borders with a new e-Visa regime, similar to the one that made it possible for us to come here to Suriname originally. !ENGAGE 35

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Yes, if the poorer countries were smarter they would use this opportunity to work together to stimulate the economies; work on win-win relations. Suriname has been trying to do that with the Caricom since we joined and we opened our market to products from the Caribbean, but till now some of the other member states don't accept our products or are making up excuses to not market our products in their own countries, which is unfortunate. The Caricom is to have a free market and it seems to be one sided. Anyway, not all countries though.

And true, even the developed countries are now dealing with poverty, people losing jobs, small businesses closing, etc. The bigger companies will somehow stay on top, because of the clout they have, but the small independent companies are having a hard time staying afloat.

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