Joy In The Simple Things 🐑 Sheep Jumpin' With Monkey-B

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The other day I caught Monkey-B having a little fun with the sheep, and it caused me to grab the camera and snap some pictures of this bliss before the moment was gone and/or Monkey-B realized I was taking photos.

Life Is What You Make It



     This family of 4 has been living out of 6 suitcases for the last 2 years, but far from international jetsetters, as many of who you follow our blogs already know. The negative psychological and emotional effects of living like this seem to grow exponentially with time, and I would be fine much more accepting of this if my children weren't forced to go through this.


     Things keep getting worse in Suriname, and we can feel the stress and negative vibes in the air, the look on people's faces, things have been going downhill here for a few years. Families take care of each other here in Suriname, and the immigrant groups all have their own parts of town, all looking after each other during this economic crisis and pandemic.


     This Khmerican family doesn't fit in anywhere here in Suriname, and we know our destiny lies elsewhere, so it's frustrating to be stuck here because of COVID-19, visa issues, and the outdated concept of nation-states.



     Sometimes the littlest of things can pull me out of this funk, like watching Monkey-B interacting with the sheep. I think she became aware the lamb is now capable of lovemaking with Mama sheep, something the landlord told her is not appropriate. So apparently Monkey-B's predestination is to keep these two apart to prevent any funny business.


     When I watched her jumping and playing with the lamb and ewe, I felt a great sense of hope for the future and renewed resolve to get us to our very own greener pastures some day soon.


     If life's messes could be sorted out as easily as untangling goat leashes, all 4 of us would probably be life coaches by now.


     Sometimes you just have to plot your next moves in life carefully, just as carefully as you would plan what torture to subject the lamb to next.


     Well, in the end all was lost, the leash was consumed and entangled by a pile of leaves, and Monkey-B abandoned "Project Untangle," leaving enough power within so she can fight another day. It's good to know when to cut your losses and walk away from a hot sheep leash entanglement mess, and I leave you with that wisdom.

Bless up!


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Monkey B


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Well look, I'll talk to you with all my heart in hand

The truth is, do not feel bad for not fitting in in a community, happiness is not how other people look at you,

real happiness is in how your family treats you, and more sercanos beings

If you think things through, the only ones who are there when you have a problem, is your family, so you are not interested in others,

Just feel comfortable with your girls and your wife,

I do not have much time viewing your publications so I am not anyone to comment on this topic, so I will not talk much about this topic since the truth is I do not know much about your history, but I think that in the few days that I have seeing your content, I see that they are a genail family,

And if it is true that the happiness of a child or your family makes you withdraw from problems and you lose yourself a little seeing their happiness,

Greetings friend, and may God take good care of you and your whole family

Give thanks for the encouraging words. We are so accustomed to Asian living, so not having a whole village looking out for you when facing poverty and hard times is a bit more intimidating. That being said, we're pretty comfortable with this "us against the world" situation we've found ourselves in. !ENGAGE 90

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Children are so resilient. Their perspective of the world is a constant lesson. Sometimes our boys have surprising questions and random comments that make us laugh from time to time.

We can relate to being “outsiders”. We find strength in our faith and each other. The ability to express ourselves and share our experiences on this platform also helps. Of course we also try to communicate with family and friends back home as often as possible.

From one dad to another, I pray that the desires of your heart will be realized in short order.

Well, you left the Caribbean for Asia and we left Asia for the Caribbean, but give thanks we all have our whole families with us intact. Bless up, give thanks. !ENGAGE 55

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Nuff Respect @justinparke give thanks.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I think kids have this marvelous way of making us forget our stresses with these precious moments like this.

I know too well the pressures of being stuck somewhere you don't want to be. I can only hope that you guys can find a place that feels like home real soon.

In the meantime, keep capturing those beautiful moments.

Big hugs to you and your family @justinparke.

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I hope things manifest soon, we really do feel like we're starting to lose our identity if that makes any sense. However, I am a clown addicted to laughter, so I'm always expending energy keep this house all smiles, it passes the time much faster. !ENGAGE 35

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we really do feel like we're starting to lose our identity

That makes perfect sense. I was stuck somewhere I had no choice over too and then the choice I made to get out of where I was wasn't much better. It took another six months before I could do anything about it.
Having a good sense of humor definitely helps. Keep laughing my friend it really does help pass the time and relieve the symptoms of stress. you have a talent for comedic writing which is very enjoyable to read too.

Big hugs to you all 🤗💚🤗

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

I am sorry Justin that your family has to go trough these difficult times, but what maters the most is that you have eachother. Monkey-B is so adorable playing with those goats. I am sending lots of love and blessings 💚🙏💚

Thank you, Monkey-B often provides the most pleasant distractions. Things could be worse, I had only returned here from a short visit in Florida before the borders closed and we went into lockdowns. !ENGAGE 20

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It's a beautiful thing to see how easily children can find the joy in simplicity, and how resilient humans truly are. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with life's challenges I too look to my children, to remind me of how easy it can be to connect to that inner beauty and happiness if we just take a breath and be here now.
Blessings to you and your family!

They certainly teach me to apprecialove the simple joys only a child's mind can be fully focused on.I'd much rather ask Monkey-B "What is the meaning of life?" than any "enlightened guru." !ENGAGE 35

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This makes me sad and happy at the same time. When you finally break free you will have to take Monkey B's friends with you. I think it's great that they are there for her. It's a good thing to keep in mind when dealing with the state of the world. It's worse for some then others.

Sending you thoughts of gates thrusting open and a happy new start soon!

That little lamb loves Monkey-B to death, she's certainly put a lot of hours on him. We've enjoyed passing the time imagining different scenarios in which we may be successful in the USA. Now that I don't have a recent work history of settling for minimum wage, I come into the work force as a mystery.

We know there are thousands of rich Cambodians in California permanently on green cards because of their inability to get fluent in English enough to pass the citizenship test. If it was possible, I'd love to each English classes to adult Cambodians in the USA. Cambodians know how to keep a secret too, so we could easily do all of this under the radar. !ENGAGE 35

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

That's so true regarding communities sticking together and you guys not fitting in anywhere, because of being "different".

And it's indeed getting grimmer and grimmer. Sunday we spoke to our parents who also don't see it getting better in the coming years and they've lived through the civil unrest in the eighties, so yeah.

Kids are stronger than we think and we could learn a thing or two from them.

Well, not only is the future grim here, the global situation looks pretty dim in general. The rich will certainly get richer during this time, but it's also a chance for poorer countries to experiment with opening their borders to gain much-needed economic stimulus.

I like what Albania's doing, having basically opened its borders with a new e-Visa regime, similar to the one that made it possible for us to come here to Suriname originally. !ENGAGE 35

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Yes, if the poorer countries were smarter they would use this opportunity to work together to stimulate the economies; work on win-win relations. Suriname has been trying to do that with the Caricom since we joined and we opened our market to products from the Caribbean, but till now some of the other member states don't accept our products or are making up excuses to not market our products in their own countries, which is unfortunate. The Caricom is to have a free market and it seems to be one sided. Anyway, not all countries though.

And true, even the developed countries are now dealing with poverty, people losing jobs, small businesses closing, etc. The bigger companies will somehow stay on top, because of the clout they have, but the small independent companies are having a hard time staying afloat.

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Great shots, for a second there I thought Monkey B grew dreads. Nice goat philosophy. Soon the not will be untangled lion. Gwaan enjoy the simple things like just being together. it must be rough be the outsiders in situation like that but what doesn't kill us makes us.....

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Monkey-B has no interest in dreadlocks, but ya know it's three against one in my household, so Cambodian culture and language easily win out. Yeh, definitely no part of town where truly feel the vibes, although the closest I've come to finding a part of town that offers many of things we miss from Cambodia, it's actually the Brazilian part of town.

The Brazilian part of town has narrow streets, narrow sidewalks, a lot of foot traffic, mini businesses everywhere, it's definitely a lot more social there. Shame I barely speak 10 words in Portuguese. !ENGAGE 25

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Aw. So nice to see here so happy and glad it cheered you up to. Children are such great teachers at times. 😍

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Yes, Monkey-B is the Queen of smiles in our family, and her happiness is absolutely infectious. !ENGAGE 10

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

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