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Well look, I'll talk to you with all my heart in hand

The truth is, do not feel bad for not fitting in in a community, happiness is not how other people look at you,

real happiness is in how your family treats you, and more sercanos beings

If you think things through, the only ones who are there when you have a problem, is your family, so you are not interested in others,

Just feel comfortable with your girls and your wife,

I do not have much time viewing your publications so I am not anyone to comment on this topic, so I will not talk much about this topic since the truth is I do not know much about your history, but I think that in the few days that I have seeing your content, I see that they are a genail family,

And if it is true that the happiness of a child or your family makes you withdraw from problems and you lose yourself a little seeing their happiness,

Greetings friend, and may God take good care of you and your whole family


Give thanks for the encouraging words. We are so accustomed to Asian living, so not having a whole village looking out for you when facing poverty and hard times is a bit more intimidating. That being said, we're pretty comfortable with this "us against the world" situation we've found ourselves in. !ENGAGE 90

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.