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RE: The Rythme of Life

in ReggaeJAHM2 months ago

I'm glad you're already on track in your new life, with respect to Hive is not easy to want to publish something and already, because the smallest thing we do here requires time and dedication, the important thing is to give priority to the things of our life, so relax, happy week 😉

Me alegra que ya estés encaminado en tu nueva vida, con respecto a Hive no es sencillo querer publicar algo y ya, ya que lo mas minino que hagamos aquí requiere su tiempo y dedicación, lo importante es darle prioridad a las cosas de nuestra vida, así que tranquilo, feliz semana 😉


Thanks! Slowly but surely easing into the new rythme. For some reason on HIVE we feel the need to be apologetic when we aren't so active. But the physical world demands our attention and of we can't get things right there, we can get it right here. So relax I will. Thanks for the kind words dear. They mean a lot.

Have a blissful week ahead as well.


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