The Rythme of Life

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What’s going on Reggaejahmin HIVERZ?

Some may have noticed I haven’t done the Jahmin post of the week for a week or two. I’m just taking a break from it and will start back soon when the mood is right. The truth is, as simple as it looks, those Jahmin posts do take some time and consideration. If anyone in the community wants to take it over for a bit, just holla at me.

What’s been going on

April and May are extremely busy times in Japan and I have been getting used to my new work environment as well as the new rythme of my home as my twins just entered elementary school.


On the work front, I am not as free as I used to be. At the old gig I could get away with some blogging and curating in my free time, not the case here as there is always something to do. But that also makes the day go by faster.


Coming out of the Golden Week holiday season here in Japan is when the real endurance marathon begins and individuals start finding their way in their new environments. I think I am in a pretty good situation as I can get up at a decent time as my commute has been cut in half. ( My salary took a little beating as well but health is wealth.) I have been using this time to workout in the mornings wether it be going for a walk/run or pumping the dumbbells.( Well not every morning 😅).


Over the holidays I didn’t do any traveling but just made sure the kids had a good time at various parks and enjoyed a few BBQs. The last BBQ was an interesting one as it wasn’t the usual gang but an old acquaintance and few new ones.


But yeah, mi deh yah. Haven’t been so active on HIVE but who cares right? We have lives to live. And me, I’m finding the rythme of mine at the moment while not getting too comfortable. I leave you with this track I found called The Riddim of life by the Wailing Souls. I have never heard about them until now but I knew I’d find a Reggae song with that title.


RIDDIM of Life - Wailing Souls


Click the banner to learn more about #APART. It is quite a simple challenge. Post an original picture and link to a reggae song. The picture should have some connection to the Reggae song in someway, anyway. The only limit is your imagination.😉

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I'm glad you're already on track in your new life, with respect to Hive is not easy to want to publish something and already, because the smallest thing we do here requires time and dedication, the important thing is to give priority to the things of our life, so relax, happy week 😉

Me alegra que ya estés encaminado en tu nueva vida, con respecto a Hive no es sencillo querer publicar algo y ya, ya que lo mas minino que hagamos aquí requiere su tiempo y dedicación, lo importante es darle prioridad a las cosas de nuestra vida, así que tranquilo, feliz semana 😉

 8 days ago 

Thanks! Slowly but surely easing into the new rythme. For some reason on HIVE we feel the need to be apologetic when we aren't so active. But the physical world demands our attention and of we can't get things right there, we can get it right here. So relax I will. Thanks for the kind words dear. They mean a lot.

Have a blissful week ahead as well.


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How nice to see the kids growing up from a distance and in the photo with the twins you can definitely see the different personalities of them both 😂.

And the young one at the grill, so cute! haha

 4 days ago 

You know the both have their crazy ways, just different timing. But when on that vibe together..... watch out now. An endless cycle 😂.

They always wanna play with the stuff adults doing, it was the only way to keep the youngest occupied. It works well with the vacuum cleaner too. Dish washing is a different story as it just creates more work 💦 😁

Hey bro. Real life is real life. So don't feel nuh way when you need to take a break and take care of real issues.

Great to see the family hanging out and spending quality time together.

Keep in real bro.

 4 days ago 

Yeah man @bearmol , especially in these times.

The real moments in life gotta be treasured. Fulljoy the weekend bro.

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