Music with Character really Helps (Humbleness)

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When I look into the music world and I see a lot of people playing instrument and even there are different levels to how we play which makes us stand out even among so many instrumentalist now what am i driving at is the fact that no matter how much instrumentalist can be, they will always find a way getting out excellently among others. So why am i talking about it was just because of what happen on Sunday because as an instrumentalists, i normally get invitations from churches to come and play the keyboard for them but this time around one of my elder brother in the school area just called me and said he wanted me to follow him to his church.


So i agreed to follow him to the church so when we got there i didn't do like somehow who even knows how to play any instrument, because i didn't go near the place but i joined the choir since it was through my brother so i heard the keyboard player who started it and i was like this little boy playing really tried but i didn't say anything out then after some minutes a guy came and he wanted to play then my brother told him I also play the keyboard so he should allow me play but he was somehow reluctant and he allowed me mount the keyboard.


So i just started playing normally and not putting too much effort in it then all of a sudden i saw the guy beside looking at how i was setting the keyboard which has been in the church and he has been playing it then the next thing he asked was how i set those things and i started explaining to him and he also said he loves the way i played my chords and he will want to learn from me and i was just smiling remembering how he first reacted when they told him i played the keyboard , he thought I was a beginner and he feels i might play rubbish.


So not showing my self when i got there earned me respect and it was worth going there because i was cherished and a lot collected my contact saying they would love to see me next time in the church and also among the choir, adding character to Playing is a major factor to be considered.


Yay! 🤗
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