The Challenges Behind Borrowing Instruments in the Music Scene

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There is this myth that I believe most musicians or the instrumentalists have, which is that they find it difficult to share their musical instrument with their fellow musicians, whether they are out for music shows or concerts. I have actually been hearing it, but I haven't witnessed it before. Some weeks ago, I witnessed this occasion, and I felt somewhat down because it was like an embarrassment to me.

What happened?

I was hanging out with some of my friends one sunny afternoon, and it was a weekend. We were just having a guy's outing, and there was this small one that was held in the bar where we were having fun. There were lots of musicians there who were presenting songs to people having a nice time at the bar.

After some time of having fun, a friend who happens to be a singer suggested that we should do something for the people also. I actually didn't agree to this because it was meant to be a fun time with the guys, but now it's becoming a thing of the past. After some time of persuasion, I gave in to his idea, and luckily, we were able to fill the places he would need people to play his music.

We spoke with the anchor, and he agreed to give us a little time to also perform in this bar, but I promised him we wouldn't be taking much time because we never planned this. He agreed, as we have said, and he called us after about two musicians had sung, and we mounted the stage to do what we had to do.


While on the stage, I moved toward the instrumentalist just to tell him we just wanted to do a song and leave, but immediately he never allowed me to say a word and turned down whatever I was going to say, and he said he would never release his instrument to anyone to play. I left his presence immediately without begging him to avoid creating a scene.

People around noticed what was going on, and then they begged him to allow us to use it just for a few minutes, judging from the fact that we didn't come there as musicians but just to entertain for about 2 to 3 minutes, then go back to our own seats. He refused totally, and after some seconds of persuasion, which people did to him, he decided to drop it, but with a form of issue, which he did.

When he decided to release his guitar for us to play, he mistuned about 3 strings, which we never knew about until we started singing, and it made the song look rough. I was pissed from where I was and called him to tell him why he did that. We were never in a competition, and we are not taking away your space to do your thing. To cut a long story short, we did our little song and left, but it was all good to everyone who heard it, and we were applauded.


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Thanks for that

That's a very childish and insecure behaviour. Why would a grown up adult behave that way.
That was very uncultured of him. It just goes to show how some people reason and think.

It's quite unfortunate!

Well that's just life and he had to do what he did so we gat no choice