The Importance of Investing in High-Quality Music Equipment for Musicians.

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I have always love good music, all of my days been a musician and this has given more knowledge and has made me explore more musically. Due to the fact that I love music, I love to play music also with good sound, and this makes music something I really derive pleasure in doing.

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I play the guitar I am student fellowship which is also a church but a student church. Most of the things used are not going to be given to you, aside the ones the church itself own. Some of these things are things the church should provide, but they take it as things which are not really compulsory, so you as an instrumentalist who love good sound will make sure you either get it yourself or rent from people to use.

I have not been able to get a guitar effect pedal for my guitar because was not really into music from the time past, but as I continue to get deeper in it, I found out that music is sweet and fun to do.

This led me to getting a guitar combo which use with my guitar to amplify the sound which it produces. The name of the combo is the black star combo. I got this combo for $25. This combo is a good one for the price, because it has some unique functions, which makes it sweet and easy to use.

The combo comes with some features like the gain, effect, equalizer, and also different voices which will make your playing sound so different. Each sound of the combo come with different sound settings which you will be able to add or remove things from the voice you have set on the combo.

The amazing part I love about this combo is the ability to connect it directly with the sound mixer. When connected to the mixer, they get a high quality sound that projects into the ear of people listening.

Actually, I didn't plan to buy this from the onset, but I had to because I needed it. I used this today in the church, and I was surprised about the sound of what I heard from my guitar. I never knew my guitar could project that loud sound even amidst other musical instrument that was there today.

Here are the pictures of the combo and how I connected it to my guitar. Music is a way of life for those who love it. I recollected and remembered I was about selling off my guitar sometimes ago. But today, I am happy I took the bold step not to sell off my guitar because it would have been painful things to me anytime I remember I sold my guitar.


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You're unstoppable @the-lead! Your dedication to Hive is shining through with your daily posts.

I feel so honoured about this, thanks so much

Congratulations on your new equipment! Well, your church is lucky to have you and also investing on something you are passionate about and sharing it with them.

I'm now curious how well you play your guitar. Perhaps you can share here on Hive someday.

Thanks very much my friend. Yeah, they are and I am proud to be with them also.. well, I will try sharing one someday if time permits me..

Hope to hear you play!

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