Guess my age and win 1 HBD. I’m out with the fam at an onsen hotel. I ...

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Guess my age and win 1 HBD. It’s my bday. I’m out with the fam at an onsen hotel. I actually made my public onsen debut 😂 . The photo? Taken at an udon restaurant. I found it amusing!

Ps: people on my fb do not qualify 😆

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I would have been mad at myself if I missed this post.

Happy birthday to you my friend. I wish you happiness and prosperity and above all things, I wish you good health. Thanks for everything you do.

Guess my age and win 1 HBD. It’s my bday.


40 maybe🙃

 6 days ago 

Thanks for the bday big up bro! And you are correct. Congrats!

Thank you for the prize. I have guessed a few things correctly this week.


Well just the fact that you are Jamaican means that you might be older but look young so I'll guess 37

Also, happy birthday to you.

 6 days ago 

HAhaH might be the opposite now 😁
Thanks for the bday big up! you were close.

When do we get to know the actual number?

Oh 40, you see, you tricked me because you look so good.


 6 days ago 

Very close 😁

Let me guess late 30s😏😏

 6 days ago 

Good try but off by a dec 😁


 6 days ago 

Very close 😁

Let me throw an arbitrary number: 31 yrs old!

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 6 days ago 

Thanks! But off by a lot 🙂

32 years🙊

 6 days ago 

Hahaha nice guess bro. Almost a decade off though. 😁

I see the contest is over so I'll just wish you a very happy birthday. 🙃


Also more important, happy birthday!

 6 days ago 

Hahah, either you have a good memory or instinct 😂 congrats and thanks!

Thanks for the gift!

It was actually a guess.

I hope you enjoyed your night at the onsen. We have to wear masks while in the oncheon baths in Korea now. It's quite funny, but it's also ignored there more than most places.

Oh, so it's 42... *Takes mental notes.~


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Early 30s

 6 days ago 

Ahhaah, nice guess but a decade off.

Happy birthday reggae boss.

 6 days ago 

Give thanks bro!

Enjoy what's left of the 30s


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