Loquat Parfait

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Have you tried loquat? I first heard the name of it in Japanese (Biwa). I was like, “What’s that?” I then heard the name in English (loquat) and still asked, “What’s that?” Lol!

I certainly didn’t grow up eating this fruit and so I was excited to try it. The first time I did, I had to have several as the flesh of the fruit was just a bit to cover a fairly big seed. The taste wasn’t characteristic. I’d describe it as “delicate”, not sweet, not sour.

This parfait wasn’t only beautiful but the loquats were 2-3 times bigger than the ones I’m now accustomed to seeing.
What a delight. 😃


This looks delicious
Did you make this?

Thanks. I didn't make it but would love to give it a shot. 😃

The parfait made for a beautiful photo.

I am not familiar with the loquat. At first I thought it was going to be an apricot before I opened the post.

Whatever it is, it looks yummy !

😃Thanks. They do resemble apricots. I had just a small portion of it but it was yummy. It went well with a little cream and tea jelly.
I've had the fruit just a few times.

Have a great day.🎶