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Hello Amigos😊😍🌹😍

Greetings to you all and welcome to my post☺😊


Recently, I've been reflecting a lot on the people in my life, the love they exhibit, and how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people who care about me and who would out of their way to make me happy. As I thought about my parents, family, friends, and of course, my wonderful Block Chain friends, gratitude just flooded my heart.

Back in the past few months, something occurred that made me realise how cherished I am and how fortunate I am to have such beautiful people in my life that I can always turn to.

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And on those occasions when I don't feel loved, I am reminded that I am by someone who will always love me and that keeps me going.

My heart has been overflowing with all of these thoughts for a very long time, and they have given me the inspiration to compose a song.

The song tells the story of how love found me and what that love has done for me thus far, including how it has changed me and spared me from suffering.

For today, I will be singing it acappella, but I plan to do it again soon with the accompaniment of some musical instruments.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy and find encouragement in this song.



I will never forget
The day you walked into my life
From that very moment on
You've been nothing but good

You picked me up
You set my feet upon the solid rock
You gave my life a meaning...

That's why I say

Oh you love me.
Oh you care
Oh you came and took my pains away

This life You gave me
I give it all to you
And all I just want to say is

Have found love
Have found mercy
Have found Grace
In you

You took my pains away
You took my pains away
You gave me a reason to smile again

You poured your love on me
And touched me with your loving hands

And all I just want to tell you
It's I found love
Have found mercy
Have found Grace

It's I found love
Have found mercy
Have found Grace
In you

Lyrics written by @benii




Hola Amigos😊😍🌹😍

Saludos a todos y bienvenidos a mi post☺😊

Recientemente, he estado reflexionando mucho sobre las personas en mi vida, el amor que demuestran, y lo afortunada que soy de estar rodeada de personas tan maravillosas que se preocupan por mí y que se desviven por hacerme feliz. Al pensar en mis padres, mi familia, mis amigos y, por supuesto, mis maravillosos amigos de la Cadena de Bloques, la gratitud inundó mi corazón.

En los últimos meses, ocurrió algo que me hizo darme cuenta de lo apreciada que soy y de lo afortunada que soy por tener personas tan hermosas en mi vida a las que siempre puedo recurrir.

Y en las ocasiones en las que no me siento querida, me recuerdan que estoy junto a alguien que siempre me querrá y eso me hace seguir adelante.

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Mi corazón ha estado rebosando de todos estos pensamientos durante mucho tiempo, y me han dado la inspiración para componer una canción.

La canción cuenta la historia de cómo el amor me encontró y lo que ese amor ha hecho por mí hasta ahora, incluyendo cómo me ha cambiado y me ha librado del sufrimiento.

Hoy la cantaré a capela, pero pienso volver a hacerlo pronto con el acompañamiento de algunos instrumentos musicales.

Screenshot_20220811-051022_Video Player.jpg

Espero sinceramente que disfruten y encuentren ánimo en esta canción.

Género de la canción: GOSPEL


Nunca olvidaré
El día que entraste en mi vida
Desde ese mismo momento
No has sido más que bueno

Me levantaste
Pusiste mis pies sobre la roca sólida
Le diste un sentido a mi vida...

Por eso digo

Oh tú me amas
Oh tú te preocupas
Oh viniste y te llevaste mis dolores

Esta vida que me diste
Te lo doy todo a ti
Y todo lo que quiero decir es

Que he encontrado el amor
He encontrado la misericordia
Haber encontrado la Gracia
En ti

Te llevaste mis dolores
Te llevaste mis dolores
Me diste una razón para sonreír de nuevo

Derramaste tu amor sobre mí
Y me tocaste con tus manos amorosas

Y todo lo que quiero decirte
Es que he encontrado el amor
He encontrado la misericordia
He encontrado la gracia

Es que encontré el amor
He encontrado la misericordia
He encontrado la Gracia
En ti

La letra de la canción fue escrita por @benii

Thank you so much for watching and reading,
Until next time,
Much love ❤️

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Greetings my dear Beni! God bless you!!!

When you sing with some kind of accompaniment you do it great but listening to you this time a cappella I liked it much more!!!

I am one of those who love to sing in this way because we can show much more of what our voice is made of!

Thank you for such a nice presentation, A beautiful hug!


Thank you my friend..

I really appreciate your comment.

Hug received 😊😊❤❤

@benii this is a beautiful piece you have blessed us with.

Blessing ls and love dear💚❤

Thanks dear...

I really appreciate 😊❤❤

Hey girl, thus original is so original mehn.... this is a great composition from you dear.
This is really melodious.... in enjoyed every bit of this dear

Thank you so much dearie..

I truly appreciate your comment..

Much love ❤ 😍 💖

You are welcome dear beni😘

@benii, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!

Greetings, beautiful Benii! You have the voice of an angel and with your every work, you make us here smile big. It also makes me happy to know that you have found love and that you are so grateful for it. There is nothing like loving and being loved. You deserve it, you are wonderful. A big hug sweetheart, your song is very beautiful.

Thank you so much dear @carminasalazarte ..
I really appreciate your comment ❤

Sending a hug 🫂 from here too.