An Instrumental Cover of this God is too Good by Nathaniel Bassey @jesus-son

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Hello friends on #hive, my name is @jesus-son and here I come to resent a song that is very dear to me. Its been a while I made a musical post and that is because of the #zealy campaign program that was just concluded. It was great and really enlightening.

The almighty God is an awesome God who loves His creatures with much affection. He sent his son Jesus Christ to come and die for our sons even while we were not responding to His call to repent.

The love of God expressed in Christ Jesus is the authentic love which we preach being that it is unconditional. A selfless love. This is the kind of love that we need in the world. A love that is not selfish, not looking for self gratification.

Screenshot_20230615-152908_Video Player.jpg

God raised us from the miry clay, set our feet upon the rock and made us to stand in His righteousness of which we are unworthy.

This is an instrumental cover comprising of the piano and trumpet. Doing this song was fun but producing the video was stressful. This is because, to fuse the two videos of the piano and the trumpet is very technical. However, I enjoyed myself playing the two instruments.

I hope that you enjoy with me. Thank you for your time.

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Hermano tenia días que no coincidía con tus publicaciones!

La presentación esta genial como siempre!


Gracias Amigo

Sir.. have missed you o
Where have you been.
This one is so cool
I love it

Thanks dear, I have been away in the moon, hehe
How far u?

So what have you brought from the moon.

Just come my house u go see am, hehe

I hope say dog no de

No fear, just come


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Hey friend, been a while I hope you are well?

Yea I am
Watsup with u?