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Hey guys, I remain the @magicfingerz and I remain grateful for all the support and kind gesture you have all shown me. This is my first entry in the African Tunes Weekend.

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African music always has its own unique touch and feels especially when you put your self in the mood. It relaxes and equally brings you to want to "shake your body" if you know what I mean. So, this weekend I have decided to play along a refix of a beautiful soulful African song titled Kumama Papa by grace lokwa and clement whyte. The refix was done by Emmanuel prinx who added musical accompaniments to the acapella version of the song.


It is also good to note that this song was just viral all over the Internet this past week because of its spiritual African feels.

So sit get ready to vibe with me as I add my guitar tunes to this beloved song, but in a faster beat than the original.

I want to use this medium to recognise @ksam the father and founder of this beautiful initiative not excluding his co-founders and my bosses @starstrings01 and @obaro whoose efforts have birthed the Afri-tunes!!

À special shout out to my friends out here and to all the Hive music community. @ernest6402, @chosenfingers, @ijohnsen, @davidbolu34, @zeetunes, @olami99, @giftedhands, @anissignature @ocdb Big ups to you guyz. 👍

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Wow🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥....magicfingerz on this one again, this is so awesome

Hey @zeetunes, I appreciate your kind words!!
Thanks dear!!

Awesome!! I really enjoyed listening man

Nice solo licks😎

Afri-tunes to the World. Much love😍

Thanks brotherly @chosenfingers .
Long live Afri-tunes!!!
Long live afro beat !!!
More interesting afro content incoming

 last year (edited)

This is so great
You are always on fire 🔥

Thank you for participating

@ksam thanks immensely for bringing me on board to this innovative initiative. A channel through which we express our musical part of being African!
Kudos to you and your Co founding team @starstrings01 and @obaro!!!

We hope we get many more entries week by week...


Surely! This is going to be a revolution!


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@pizzabot a big shout out to you really. Am remain grateful!!!

Cool! Suena genial! Me ha gustado un montón!

Much as gracias mi amigos !!!

I was so furious of what I was hearing I had to look at the username again when I saw it is magic fingers I was calm...
Keep doing magic boss 💞💞🙌🎸

Kai, @ovey10 you flatter me boss.
I will strive to do better so you can keep scattering my brain with hypes like this 😂😂
Thanks man!!

If I no tell you truth God fit ask me tomorrow..
Abeg follow do some more magic I want to be drunk in the magic of your magic fingers boss🙏🙏🎸💙

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Thanks so much for the consideration! Am grateful!!

This man won't stop pulling the strings of my heart 🎸❤️❤️
@magicfingerz i salute your style of play.
Oh my my

Hahaha, @davidbolu34 thanks so much for your comments.
If the strings of your heart be like that of a stratocaster Fender, Ah, I will play them till the end of time.
😂 Don't mind me, am just being poetic.

😁😁😁🎸🎸❤️Play me,,
You dey give me vibes and joy man