"Love Nwantiti by C-kay // (Cover) by "D4MUSIC"

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Hello friends! I trust we are all good?
It's a new week again to vibe on musically. Yeepee! I'm so glad to drop this musical piece again (a cover song of love nwantiti) the song was done by a Nigerian musician known as "C-kay"

So I decided to use the melodious chord progression to do something melodious to my God! "Cover song" this is one of the best thing I love doing, creating cover songs!

I hope someday, I'd be lucky to do my own song in the studio!

So, enjoy this musical piece and let me know what you feel.

Kindly upvote, comment, reblog and follow me as I hope to reach out to a lots more of people.

Warm regards



My daddy my el - shaddai
God you are the oxygen
I need to survive
If you leave me I go die
I swear

God you are the oxygen I breathe
On my daily basis
Your love just dey totori me
I am so obsessed
All these just for you

Paale (meaning father) you know
I wan dey vibe with you
You know
All these feelings I feel
You know
E dey make man feel alive
Just to want to praise your name
And sing


ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Thanks for stopping by!

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I just watched several of your videos and I love your voice and your musical approach, congratulations. My favorite has been Hallelujah, although it is several days old and that's why I'm commenting here.... Brother, I need to recommend you something, try to place your camera on a stable surface so that the video doesn't shake so much. That's the only thing I noticed that needs to be corrected, but even the black and white editing I love. I congratulate you and hope to see you grow soon in the community...

Thanks very much my friend, and I'll work on that.

We'll grow together for good.
Thanks once more

You are so talented my friend, great work, your vocals and your piano performance is really great! keep up the good work:)

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Your voice is melodious to the core, I was just doing my daily curation and stumbled on this. The lyrics of the cover did justice to your composition, I like how you changed it to gospel. Welldone man. Cheiiiiii

@tipu curate for your efforts

Thanks man!

I really appreciate it.
I'm just doing what I love "music"

Reaching out to as many as I can musically!❤

You're welcome, keep doing what you do

I love your creativity @obaro. Well done for the awesome input. Pls may i know which video editing app you used?

Thanks for taking out time to check my content sir

Oh that's awesome
I'm even having the paid version of the inshot app. What interest me more was the way you subtitled your song. You did great bro 👍

Man you are fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥... Too much talents biko. I envy you a lot man! You sing really well and play multiple instruments.

Thanks a lot my mentor!

God bless you !

Your voice is so 👌👌👌sweeeeeet
Nice one bro

Thanks man.

I really appreciate the fact that you took out time to check my content!

Thanks once more.

just wow bro. i love ur song and your sound ...........

Thanks for taking out time listen to me!

I'd love us to strengthen our relationship by following each other!

You can also check out few of my musical posts on my profile @obaro

Thanks once more!

Wow man! You have a good voice!

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Thanks for taking out time to listen to me, I'm grateful!

You can also check out few of my musical posts on my profile @obaro

Thanks once more!

I like your piano playing, you also have a good voice. Congrats! Keep it up, you have a lot of talent.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

We are gonna make great friends!

Hello friend, I've to say that you sing very well, and I love the way you playing the piano, that was so cool... ^_^

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Nice song. Congratulations. I would like tobear one song of the legendary Bob Marley in your voice . Maybe Jamming, could you be love or another song from him. 🙂🎼👍🏼

Nice work my bro. You are very talented. Blessings for you

Thanks man I really appreciate it.