Seeds + Stickers Arrived!! πŸ˜€

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Hey folks..:) i am very happy to say i received my package from the good people here at weedcash a couple of days ago!


So are these seeds the Big Mac Superstar then?

Most of them popped really quickly and they are already in pots πŸ˜‰



Cant wait to see how they perform πŸ˜€

You will have to excuse the low quality pics as i have Been having connection problems on my laptop so i am unable to use my good camera the now.. Back on the mobile for the time being sadly but i will get it sorted..
Cheers. Graham.

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Congrats. Don't forget to share how they would look as they grow up. :)

Hell yeah I concur!

Yeah definitely man πŸ‘ i will do a proper separate grow diary for these beauties 🌞

Holy crap those did pop fast! Glad they made them safely. I actually sent some to New York the same way, and they got smashed. Thought for sure yours where going to have the same fate

Yeah man they have popped much faster than all the others i put down.. Cheers🍻



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Actually these are the miracle macks baby’s.

Sounds good.. Who are the parents for this?

Also meant to ask are these regular or feminized?


The BM genetics are πŸ’―πŸ”₯


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