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Great Hiveans!

Great Music Lovers!

We Greet you oooooooo!


A community open to all musicians all over the world, to share and enjoy African music.


Do well to subscribe to our community to share and enjoy your quality African Tunes. (32).gif

We are calling on Musicians; singers and instrumentalists, who love African tunes to join us in making this project a wonderful one.

Let us make every Hivean stay glued to their phones everyday; smiling, nodding heads, dancing and vibing to the African Tunes.

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The 33th Week of Afri-tunes Event on Hive began on 28th of October and ran through November 3rd. This was a week full of Soul, life and groove. We had fifteen (15) wonderful entries for this week.

Among these fifteen entries, here are six selected entries:


Amongst all our wonderful and talented artists who produced amazing entries on Afri-tunes Week 34 event, we are pleased to announce that @merit.ahama will be the artist of Week. Her post will be featured among the Afri-tunes Community's pinned posts for the Week.


"For My Hand" [An Afrobeat Song Cover] BY @merit.ahama

@merit.ahama presents a cover of "For my Hand" by Burna Boy featuring Ed Sheeran, and she dedicates this piece to all who have found true love.




@obaro presents a creative combo of Moses Bliss' two songs: "Bigger everyday and "Daddy wey dey pamper".


HE IS GOD BY HOPE (ORIGINAL) by @hopestylist

@hopestylist presents an original song titled HE IS GOD. This is a song of thanksgiving and praise to God who reigns forever.


Eyen Amana (cover) by @jessicaossom

@jessicaossom presents a Christmas song in her dialect, titled "Eyen Amana" which means 'A Child is Born."


Oruka by Sunny Neji || Cover by @gloriaolar by @gloriaolar

@gloriaolar presents an evergreen wedding song by Sunny Neji, titled Oruka.



@sleemfit presents a cover of Beggie Beggie by the Celestial being (Arya Starr) ft Ckay.


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  • BEST ENTRY: @merit.ahama will receive 5 Hive + 5 Leo tokens + 50 Ecency Points for making the best entry for week 34.

  • REWARD FOR THE FIRST RUNNER UP: @sleemfit wins the second best entry for week 34 and he'll get 2 hive


    • We appreciate everyone who continuously visit amazing creators and musicians on this platform, to drop words of encouragement and commendation.
    • The Engagement race, was really a 🔥 race.
    • We had a very close tie between @maryjacy @sholex94 and @merit.ahama.
    • @merit.ahama dropped out of the race with a single miss.
    • Due to the closeness in terms of quality engagement and engagement on all entries, @maryjacy and @sholex94 will receive 2 Hive and 50 Ecency points EACH.

If you want to sponsor the contest prizes with Hive, HBD, Leo or Ecency points, you can send the tokens to @afri-tunes or @afritunes, or you can reach out to us via Afri-tunes Discord Server!!!

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We want to introduce Leothreads as a part of our media in order to further our goal of promoting African music and songs throughout the Hive Blockchain.

As mentioned in the introductory threads above, we shall share the compilation post on threads and embed the videos of the best entries together with other selected entries.

We believe that this will serve as a platform to introduce more people to our beautiful artists and to build a fan base of those who already love or will appreciate African music.

Please be sure to always leave comments on the threads (via the frontend of using the hashtag #afritunes.

The link to the threads will always be found at the comment section of our blog post.

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Please click the link below to join the Afri-tunes Curation Trail so that, with your help, our Curation Trail can become stronger and better able to sustain and support high-quality posts.

Join Afri-tunes Curation Trail here

Here is a guide if you don't know how to join a Curation Trail

You can also delegate HP to @afri-tunes (Afri-tunes official account) to help us curate high-quality African music for Hive.


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We appreciate the OCD Music Curators, Beatzchain Community team, ReggaeJAHM Community team, the Indiaunited family, the 3speak team, and all those who support this project in one way or the other.

We hope to receive more collaboration, support and sponsorship in order to facilitate the growth of this project.

We also appreciate all who participated in Afri-tunes week 34, especially those who made their first entry (@gamsam) and all our supporters.

Let's Spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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If you love this project do well to comment, reblog, upvote, tag one or two people and support us in any way.

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Click the image above to go to Afri-tunes Compilation threads

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @afri-tunes, @merit.ahama ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Woahoo, this is so nice! Congratulations to all of the honorable mentioned but special congrats to @merit.ahama and @sleemfit for their beautiful entry. Congratulations to @sholex94 and @maryjacy for their top notch engagement as always and also to @merit.ahama, you all did a great job, keep it up my people 🥰😁.

Well done to the Afri-tunes community for this amazing compilation and also the introduction of threads, please when the link is shared I'd love to get a tag so I don't miss it please. I will specially thank and greet our amazing moderator @ovey10 also for the great job he's doing, keep it up sir 😎👍, e nor easy 🙂.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, you all are awesome just know that 😘❤️.

Thank you my dear 😊
I say make I go do take out for this many prizes wey I win so o
As person nor well, na favourite food go cure am sharp sharp 😁

@ovey10 is something else, that guy is a superman... He must have been one but retired to Hive 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

You're welcome dear, you really deserve that take out abeg, good food go cure you once, e nor go waste time at all, lolz. Abeg nor forget your baby girl oo, me I sha dey here oo, 1 HBD is all I need oo, hehe.

As in ehn, I don make my comment finish I realize say he name nor dey inside I just know say something dey wrong so I gat edit my comment again, lolz. He is doing really well, he dey represent us wella.

I HBD now na like 10 Hive, na 5 Hive I win madam 🙄

Hahaha, lolz, you nor just funny 😂😂😂, so? Abeg that one na your concern oo, lolz 🙂


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Awwwn 🥺🥺 @merit.ahama this is how you make me feel right now.... Like one🥺🥺
Thank you so much dear

You have all the right to feel that way my Boss 😊

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Sometime my strength de go de come de go de come, make in no come be say na when them chaos me my strength no go come de, superman don finish be that oooo😂😂😂

I understand, nor worry... We believe in you.
Superman power na for life 😌

Abeg make wona help me make I believe in myself too naa bayii🥺🥺

We go help you for sure

Baba complete your talk oooo

I wan hear wetin @merit.ahama dey make you feel like

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Good morning Sholex 🥰

Okay, I still dey come your place, I dey road. Happy Sunday Hope

Boss mi
I see what you did here

I hail you sor

Ahh I no sabi wetin you dey talk oo 🤦🤦

Have a beautiful weekend darling 😁😁🥰, infact may your weekend be sweet😀😀 @hopestylist

I dey watch you ooo baba

Hahaha, what is he doing here bayi? Watch well oo, let me be resting, hehe.

Rest well oooo
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Yes oo, I will, enjoy watching 😂😂

Awwn, thank you so @ovey10, you are making me blush again now oo, lolz. I wish you an awesome weekend too 🥰.

Congratulations to you too dear
If you no Congratulate yourself, I go help you do am 🥰

Smiles, thank you so much sir, I really appreciate you for congratulating me for me, lolz.

Yawekum ma

Okay sir 🙂

Hmm nice nice, week 34 engagement race was really a race. Weldone guys @maryjacy and @merit.ahama you guys made it more fun 😃😃

Congratulations to all prize winners ✌️ and to all participants, you do well 👍 lets keep making good music.

@afri-tunes thanks so much, can't thank you enough... Godbless @afri-tunes

Make them leave engagement for you o
Show us the way Sir 🙌

🤣🤣 no be me get engagement oo infact na you show me the way.

Thank you baba for all you do
You too much no be small 🙌🙌🙌

🙌🙌 you're welcome boss... Thanks so much for all you do too.

thanks @sholex94 ... we keep on grinding

You're welcome @maryjacy ... Yeah we keep grinding 👍

Wow thanks so much for this @afri-tunes its an honour to have my entry be featured as the best entry for the week 😩🥰😂

Congrats to all the others who did amazingly well with their entries.

For the engagers @sholex94 person nor fit follow you drag am o 😒😏 congrats to you and @maryjacy you two are awesome.

More wins to us, make I go flex my 50 ecency, 5 Leo and 5 Hive first 🚶‍♀️I dey come

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Nothing like that
Like I told Sholex, there's no love in sharing anymore
Vawulence everywhere 😌

Including for me??? 🥺🥺🥺

Abeg remind me, who is you? 🤔

Congratulationsto our shinning lights @obaro @hopestylist @jessicaossom @gloriaolar @maryjacy @sholex94 @ and super Congratulations to you dear @merit.ahama

Keep winning💃💃🎻🎺🎸🎸🎹🎵💖🎵🎹🎸

It's great to know our beloved Community is expanding its reach. Congratulations to us all 💃💃

Thanks dear 🥰❤️

You're welcome 🥰🎵

Awnnn, thanks @sapphirekay ,you too you're doing great, congratulations to you too. 🤗🤗

Thank you so much my darling, you are so doing really well too 🥰❤️

You're welcome love

I'm honored. Happy Sunday to you dear

Same to you 💖💖🤗🤗

Thank you ❤️



woot! just saw the tag, and I decide to check, I've not been online....

Congratulations to all the winners, more wins, and we keep trying our best .

Cannot but appreciate afri-tunes community for their efforts, your impact is felt🤗😊