AFRI-TUNES WEEK 54 (17 - 23 March 2023): Celebrating African Music on Hive

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A community open to all musicians all over the world, to share and enjoy African music.


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Let's Go!!!



Afri-tunes Week 54 is here ooo!!!


We invite all Musicians: Vocalists, Instrumentalists, Song writers, Music composers and Orchestra musicians, to join us in celebrating the African Tunes on Hive by expressing their tunes through any of the following styles unique to Africans:












Palm Wine Groove

and many others!!! 🔥

However those who find it challenging to select a song for this week can choose any of the suggested songs:
SecularXtra coolYoung Jonn

Original instrumental and Acapella is recommended, however if you intend to use external instrumental you can extract the instrumental from the song via If you need further guidance comment on this post and we will guide you adequately. Remember to cite in your post as the tool for extraction.

Always remember to spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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1st - 5 Hive + 5 Legion Tokens + 5 Leo Tokens + 150 Ecency points + 10 Music Tokens
2nd - 2 Hive + 50 Ecency points


1st - 2 Hive + 300 Ecency Points
2nd - 1 Hive + 150 Ecency points
3rd - 100 Ecency points


Every Subscribed member of Afri-tunes Community is eligible to run the race for the Engagement reward.

May the Best Engager Win!!!


  • Afri-tunes Leo Curation Trail will curate threads and comments with #afritunes tag. Hence, you are encouraged to share your Afri-tunes posts, thoughts about African music, music you are listening to, and anything centered on the niche.


If you want to sponsor the contest prizes with Hive, Leo or Ecency points, you can send the tokens to @afri-tunes or @afritunes, or you can reach out to us via Afri-tunes Discord Server!!!

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For valid entry

☆ Subscribe to Afri-tunes Community
☆ Post in Afri-tunes Community,
☆ Upload video via 3speak or Youtube video via Ecency
☆ Use the unique tags of the event
#ecency (optional)
#jahm (optional)
☆ Include "AFRITUNES" in your title.
☆ Say your username, Week title and the title of the song you wish to present before you begin.
☆ Let your Word Count be 250+

  • Include your reason or inspiration for choosing or sing the song,
  • Adding lyrics is optional, but if you do, ensure you cite adequately.
  • Include all of the lyrics if the music is original.

We recommend that you don't use the #Leo or #leofinace tag in your music post

☆ PROPERLY cite all external materials (images and text) - ENSURE TO PUT THE LINK TO THE SOURCE

Cite this way:

[Lyrics or text Source](then put the web link here)

  • You can also join the Afri-tunes Discord Server and other music servers to promote your song.
  • Afri-tunes Weekly Event will run from 00:00 on FRIDAYS to 23:59 (11:59pm) on THURSDAYS, using GMT +1 as our time standard (Nigerian Time).


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Let's get to know ourselves better and make our journey on Hive an awesome experience. 👌

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Ecency is an amazing frontend on Hive that enhances content creation experience. Posting, commenting and engaging with Ecency's web or mobile version earns you Ecency points.

With the Ecency Points you can boost and promote your/other's post, as well as gift the points to others.

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The Stick Up Boys (@stickupboys) are a collective of musicians, writers, producers, and multi-instrumentalists from Brighton, in the UK. They are well recognized on Hive for their love of music and arts. They also promote other musical projects and communities on Hive, and they strive to create more use cases for the Legion token in collaboration with the BRO project.

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The ReggaeJAHM Community has been a great support for Afri-tunes Project right from Afri-tunes' inception. Special thanks to @dmilliz and @reggaejahm.

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Let's Spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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If you love this project do well to comment, reblog, upvote, tag one or two friends and support us in any way!!!

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Remember to share the link of your entry in the comment section below. You can also share your thoughts, contributions and suggestions.


GenreSong TitleArtist name
GospelKumama PapaGrace Lokwa
Secular(RTID) Rich Till I DieKizz Daniel

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Yea...another sparkling week it seems.

Let's move on positively to creative movements in this week's jahming💪

Weldon @afri-tunes

Weldone brother 🙌

Hello Afri-tunes family, here's my entry for week #54...

You too much bro

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Hello afrituners, for the week's entry @wizj 👇

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Weldone bro

Thank you boss @ksam 🤝🤝🤝👍

Welcome to week54, I will be going for wonderful wonder by Nathaniel Bassey

Nice rendition bro

Ahan!! Village person don enter again o, hehe
This is my entry for the weeek guys.

E dey show for your face

Correct! Lolz

This is a nice contest to participate in, I would love to participate but I need help.

How can I go about using 3speak for my video?

I'll love to see you participate
You can check this post here. It'll guide you accordingly.

If you need any help or further guidance, you can ask me

Thanks @ksam Ive successfully set up the 3speak account

Really appreciate.

Please can I get the link how how to make videos on 3speak account

Hello everyone.
Here is the link to my presentation.

The Light

Mama Di mama
I sight you ooo

Hello everyone. Here is my entry;

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Hello everyone, here is my entry for this week.

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Hey guys here is my entry

Let's go 🚀

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I made a mistake in my entry though (was supposed to be an African song) 😪
But thank you for acknowledging, means alot 🙇🚀