AFRI-ANNIVERSARY: Who will be the winner?

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Great Hiveans!

Great Music Lovers!

We Greet you oooooooo!


A community open to all musicians all over the world, to share and enjoy African music.


Do well to subscribe to our community to share and enjoy your quality African Tunes. (32).gif

We are calling on Musicians; singers and instrumentalists, who love African tunes to join us in making this project a wonderful one.

Let us make every Hivean stay glued to their phones everyday; smiling, nodding heads, dancing and vibing to the African Tunes.

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The Afri-Anniversary event of our lovely Afri-tunes community was held from 3rd to 9th March, and this was an event to celebrate the first-year anniversary of our wonderful community. We had thirty-four (34) entries: twenty-seven (27) in the music category and seven (7) in the writing category.


We received 7 entries in the writing category, and these entries were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Adherence to the posting guidelines (use of title, tags, word count limit, citation, no duplicate entry and deadline for submission)
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Writing Style and minimal typographical/grammatical errors

Based on the criteria above, three entries stood out and they are (in no particular order):


MUSIC: THE LANGUAGE OF AFRICA (pidgin English) by @chelsie-b

"Kajad African na who I be,
And na correct African blood wey dey flow inside of me,
African music na the language of our spirit,
Where words fails, Na ein African music dey speak,
African music no dey ever die.
Instead, ein go refresh our memories."

@chelsie-b creatively composes a poem in Pidgin English which extols the greatness of African Music; its magical nature, strength and how it is a binding force for Africans.



"Music is one of those things that connect people together irrespective of their gender, age, country, etc and it has in so many ways helped me, I can't even quantify or say how much it had aid me in living a good life. Sometimes when am bored or not in a good music and I listen to music I feel very much okay and rejuvenated.
Anyways, I don't usually listen to secular music, just once in a while, the genre of music i do is mostly Gospel. Probably because I'm a church boy, a member of the choir and so on."

@sholex94 speaks about his personal journey with music, his top favorite songs and amazing Gospel artists. He also speaks about his joys and hopes for Afritunes project on Hive.


JOHNNY AND I by @icyink

"It all just kind of happened, it was love at first sight, no I would say, love at first listen.

So he released his first single in 2015, wait for me ~ Johnny Drille. I was in my dad's car heading to school, when suddenly the radio station started playing his song. I fell instantly even though I didn't know the name of the song then. I wrote down the lyrics hoping to find out the name of the song. I didn't have an android phone so I couldn't even search for it."

@icyink takes us into her world of fiction, and carries us along in her journey of love with the Nigerian artists, Johnny Drille. She goes into details to describe the emotions the had from her secondary school days, when she nurtured deep affection for him, till this moment as she aims to be a devoted fan.



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We received 27 entries in the music category, and these entries were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Adherence to the posting guidelines (Introduction, use of title, tags, word count limit, citation, no duplicate entry and deadline for submission)
  • Video introduction
  • Video quality
  • Audio quality
  • Melody
  • Harmony (if used in video)
  • Intonation
  • Stage management
  • Quality and detailed Writeup with quality uploaded images

Based on the criteria above, five entries stood out and they are (in no particular order):


Bibanke by Asa (cover) by @sekani



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Recall, in our post on Afri-tunes Project Update, we introduced the Member Badge in Afri-tunes Community and we promised to create more additions regularly.

Thus, we have awarded the member Badge to @jesus-son and @gloriaolar for their commitment and consistency in interactions and engagement in the community. Actions like these bring us a step closer into making this Community a hub where the aura of love dwells.

Just like we said earlier, the member badge, however, does not elevate any particular member over other members in any way. Regardless of our social standing or geographic location, we are all connected by our love and respect of African music.

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We are also pleased to OFFICIALLY announce @hopestylist and @sholex94 as Moderators of Afri-tunes Community.

They have been with the community for a long period and have shown deep commitment, support and concern towards the growth of the community.

We are happy that they have been with us and supported us in their capacity. We are also glad that they have accepted to assist the team to serve the Afri-tunes Community in fulfilling her goal.

@Afri-tunes Community and her Admins, and moderator say THANK YOU! @hopestylist and @sholex94


If you want to sponsor the contest prizes with Hive, HBD, Leo or Ecency points, you can send the tokens to @afri-tunes or @afritunes, or you can reach out to us via Afri-tunes Discord Server!!!

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Click on the image above to join Afri-tunes Discord Channel

Please click the link below to join the Afri-tunes Curation Trail so that, with your help, our Curation Trail can become stronger and better able to sustain and support high-quality posts.

Join Afri-tunes Curation Trail here

Here is a guide if you don't know how to join a Curation Trail

You can also delegate HP to @afri-tunes (Afri-tunes official account) to help us curate high-quality African music for Hive.


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Special thanks to all who participated in the Afri-Anniversary event: @sapphirekay,
@merit.ahama, @obaro @julti1985, @hopestylist, @meyateingi, @sekani, @jaydr, @maryjacy, @ovey10, @ksam, @hivedeb, @jesus-son, @timi01, @chelsie-b, @mayorkeys, @marybello, @sleemfit, @icyink, @chidistickz, @tobbysax, @adaezeinchrist, @gloriaolar, @jessicaossom, @magicfingerz, @utymarvel, @cindynancy, @angiesings, @glowie, @onos-f, @maxwellmarcusart, @sholex94 and @josediccus.

We hope to receive more collaboration, support and sponsorship in order to facilitate the growth of this project.

Let's Spread the love, the calmness, the smiles, the culture, the songs and the dance associated with African tunes.

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If you love this project do well to comment, reblog, upvote, tag one or two people and support us in any way.

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Omooooo, see the way I am dancing here💃💃💃💃. I'm so so happy no be small. Thank you so much @afri-tunes. This means alot. I'm also grateful for all the wonderful souls I've met in this community. You guys rock🔥🔥🔥.

Congratulations also my darling friend @jesus-son. So happy for us dear🥰🥰🥰.

😭😭😭😭 na only @jesus-son chop darling friend like this

Chai... God when? 🥲

Jealousy no go kill you

You no well

@ksam born to be jealous 😂

I better pass you 😅😅😅

Na true Sha. u better pass. 😂 I no dey lie 😂 😂 😂

I'm here and you are getting jealous, what should I na do? 😂

God when them go use darling friend for us😫🥺

Thank you honey
You are so sweet

Look at the guy o. Take am easy na.

You don see am bah

Let me no talk first

Abeg no talk oo
Cos e fit dey bloody


Na wa oooo 😅😅😅

Lemme o

Darling friend? Oh my world!

Make you sef rest...
You don try 😅😅

Have not done anything time I no just get... nain make some village people dey shine 😂 😂

Na why you need the rest 😅😅

Congratulations to you ma'am, you are doing really well, we hope to see you keep up the good work 🥰

Oma!!! Is the editing for me? Please oo @afri-tunes share some editing tips naw, this is so lovely 🤩.

@wizj that your presentation was incredible, ahh!!! Please when can I come for tutoring? 🤧

All @jesus-son ladies them @merit.ahama @gloriaolar @jessicaossom @sekani I greet you all specially 🙌.

Thank you so much @afri-tunes for the duties assigned to me, I will do my best to carry out my duties accordingly 🥰.

I'm looking forward to shouting congratulations to the winners both for the writing and the music category 🤭.

O yea @hopestylist
You've been hiding ever since right?

Nothing for you from this side sef..I don vex small😎😳

Welcome dear


I've not been hiding oo, I've just been away or is that hiding? 😂
Please come let me book an appointment with you naw because you na celeb now oo. Na we dey rush you 😀

Hahahaha, were hidden joor @hopestylist

Talk true now ooo😳😂

I wasn't jhur, is it by force? 😂

Do you think I'm a liar? Don't worry I won't feel bad, just tell me the truth 😂

Hahahaha @hopestylist

I know wetin u want hear from me. But I get am to talk sha🙆🙆😳


Lolz, go jhur, so you think I'm a liar, no wahala 😅

I no say you lie na aba @hopestylist

Ok sorry jhoor 🙏🙏🙏

@jesus-son come rescue me o.,.plead for me👋


I greet specially my fresh and finest Mod but abeg who be @jesus-son? Na Hive member? 🤧 I dey my house sha

Na gate man for hive

U better no commot for house o

I dey house

Thank you so much dear.
Me sef I never dey sure oo but I think he is a member of hive 😂, I never bad reach like that 🤣

You don bad pass like that 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Ahh!! Make ona come see see finish oo, wahalad 🤣🤣

Haunty coman teach me oooo 😁😁😁

Congratulations Big maram 🤲

Thank you BH 🥰

Opoooor, omo see award. My belle don sweet me like maaaad.

Who am I to be given such great recognition.??Thank you @afri-tunes una too much
E con sweet me pass because na me and my new found lady @gloriaolar na e chop this award. Baby congrats to you. More successes for you and all of us

Una tanchuuuuu ooo.

Na wa oooo 😅😅 e no still mean... I go send thunder ⚡ if you trespass 😅😅

You are welcome brother


you can be happy they way you like, you deserve the badge...
Wetin we go take celebrate ham, bush meat no bad 😂

Na Kai kai
Tanching you seriously dear

You're welcome

Congrats dear man 🤗

Congratulations to you sir, more wins indeed to you and your newly found lady, hehe.

Thanks dear

You're welcome sir

Congratulations bros. Keep it up.

Thank you so much ma

Eiiiiii, na @wizj wan carry us away with that awesome intro 🔥🔥. This video edit is soo coool, Afritunes sure is burning hot with some awesome talents 🥳🥳.

☺️ thanks for the mention, see as I dey look myself dey smile here 😌😂.

Congratulations @sholex94 and @hopestylist 🤗, it's well deserved🥳.

@jesus-son it's absolutely well deserved 😸🔥, @gloriaolar you're doing great sis 🤗❤, congratulations 🥳.

As in eeeehn
@wizj wan burst brain 🤧🤧🤧
Talents plenty.... and only you na talents 😭😭😭😭see voice

You nor lie at all, the girl is talented, @sekani you should cut soap for me naw or instead use it to rub my sponge, !LOLZ 😂.

How does a tiger find his favorite song on Apple Music?
He uses their algrrrythm

Credit: reddit
@ksam, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @hopestylist

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Click to delegate: 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 HP

@sekani Sekan other name na Talent

😂😹 my lawwd

Oh gawd men😅

Abi naw 😂

😂 Hope, when did you join this conspiracy?

I did not join oo, is enter I enter 😒

😂😂 mod dey use me catch cruise ke

Stop feeling that way jhur, it's cruise we are trying to catch, we haven't catch it yet or have we @ksam and @obaro? 😐

I need the soap too

I see what you guys are doing in this comment 😂

We are just saying the truth 😪😪😪

As in ehn, @wizj nailed that presentation nor be small, hehe.

You na African queen normally, lol.

Thank you so much for the mention and well wishes sweetie, I'm grateful ❤️.

You're welcome sweet 🤗❤, I'm sure you'll do a great job🤗❤

Me too but now I'm not sure again oo, but I know God will help me 😌

O thanks dear @sekani for the mention

Am glad, happy and in fact speechless sef.

You guys are awesome here. Its a lovely place to be and meeting uyou guys has been nothing shot of joy.

Weldon too dear


Wow, you are making me feel emotional oo, hehe. It's nice having you around too 🥰

You're welcome 🤗, sha dey carry us dey go😂.

Thank you🤗

You're doing well @sekani

Goodmorning to you👋

Thanks so much dear.

You're welcome 🤗

They entries are all amazing, though I'm not privileged to watch all the videos, but the one's I watched are amazing..

I'm using the moment to congratulate @jesus-son and @gloriaolar for the badge, you both deserve it, and to @hopestylist and @sholes94, you're doing great your impact are felt.🤗

Amazing entries no be sumall 😁😁

Please close the teeth small, please 😜

Thank you so much sweetie, I'm really honored by your sweet words. You are doing great works too and I must commend you for that, keep it up dear.

Thanks so much dear

Thank you so much @sekani
You too much

Well I'm not part of the afro tunes as I'm not talented like you guys but then i like to always sneak around and see talents.. congratulations to everyone that participated and to my brother and friend @sholex94 @hopestylist congratulations to you @sholex94 i will be waiting patiently for you in the city 😂 we will continue our discussion from there lols have fun

Afri-tunes is not just for the singers or musicians, it's a community for everyone 🥰🥰🥰 We appreciate our viewers and those who engage in the community. Infact, we'd love to have more Subscribed members who only engage 😁 that's why our weekly engagement race is open to all subscribers 👌

Ho really, i will stop snitching and start full engagement then, thanks for telling me this bro

You're welcome bro
Always welcome

Feel free to use the #afritunes tag on threads also 💪

Alright brother 😌

Yeah, the engagement part is even more fun trust me because you just get to enjoy Africa music and rate them, hehe.

Well i won't mind coming around all the time

That would be great dear

This is why ........
I'm happy you have explained it well to him, we look forward to having him being active here, right @moremoney28?

Don't worry you will always see me around

I look forward to that

Awwn, thank you so much dear Ayobami, it's always a great pleasure having you around.

I see you already got the right idea of the community, so stop missing out already, hehe.

Same here dear , thanks so much

You're always welcome

My man no p 🥰😃 we will do small Giveaway in the city today, lets pop hive champagne small 😂

Thanks so much ✌️

What if bot refused to pick me 😂

Wow🥰 what a lovely compilation! Congratulations again to @afri-tunes community. E no get as e be, I go win something one day one day. My time dey come. Make anybody nor jealous me wen the time come o because my win go big wela eh. ☺

Sumall sumall broer 💪

This update is well-loaded. Congratulations to everyone that got one award or the other. @jesus-son I dey hail

@hopestylist and sholex congrats In your new appointment.

We are growing

E dey well loaded wellu wellu 😁😁
We are growing 💪

You dey copy me bah, you just plagiarised

Make we sanction am bah??

Just forgive him

Thank you more ma'am Debbie 🥰

Hey!! I hail too o
Thank you so much

Congratulations @jesus-son and @gloriaolar 😇

The style of announcing winners this time is like I am watching alchemy of souls because of the suspense 😃

I am happy about the anniversary and everything so far.

The style shock me sef 😅😅😅😅
We thank God for everything 🙏