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Hello Afri-tunes! This is @ernesto6402 and for week, I will doing a song title AKWA ANYI NA EBE. The song in question is an old Catholic Igbo patition hymn; but for the purpose of my presentation, I will be doing a rearrange version of that song.



My aim here is to transform this mild and touching Igbo hymn to an Igbo high-life without losing it's mildness. To achieve my aim then, I will be featuring a little friend of mine IFEANYI. He will be giving me a tender backup.



Akwa anyi na ebe
Our cries

Ude anyi na asu
Our sorrows

Ya metu gi na obi
Let it touch your heart

Eze moo, Chi moo
My kind my lord

For those who know this before now, please forgive me and what I am going to do with it. I will be doing a major transformation this time 😀

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Wow! Thank you you so much @hivebuzz for honouring me once again.

You're welcome @ernesto6402. 😊🌹

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Thank you!

Well presented. I love it. Great one @ernesto6402. You are doing well. Keep it up

Thank you so much @marybello. I am happy you loved it 😊

You are welcome


Omo big man, this one na ogbonge tune wey no carry last at all. I enjoyed this presentation .... you did really well bringing the true beauty of African culture.

I have a suggestion man, do well to re-view your write ups well b4 uploading them. I mean check for typographical errors.
asides that, this entire post is banger

Keep doing what you love man.

Thank you so much bro. I really appreciate your kind words. I will definitely work on my write up next time.

I hope you are not offended man?
You are always welcome anytime bro.... we are one family.

So sweet bro
Ifeanyi has a really nice voice
His Harmony is top notch

See people wey get voice nau
E too make sense bro.

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If na that one, that boy good! You too much bro. Thank you

Dey sing with am often ooo
I enjoy him harmony

Thank you boss.

Yay! 🤗
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Am getting jealous of your combination ooo 😃😃
Maybe I'll also find someone to backup me up when I sing.
Keep up the good work boss.

Omo! This song Don melt my heart finish. God go hear this wan oo.
@ernesto6402 you dey always turn up
Beautiful rendition boss!!

The boss himself! You too much bro. Thank you very much, I really appreciate.