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Hello everyone, I'm so delighted to welcome you to my blog in the Afri-tunes community. Today I will be Sharing my entry for the week 30 of the Afri-tunes weekly display of African songs and for this week I have chosen a song by a very popular artist here in Nigeria called Ayra Starr and the title of the song is RUSH.


Me feeling myself 😎😅

At first when I thought of making this song as my entry, I had thought it was going to be easy but I was so wrong and I remember when I read a post from a mentor advising that it is not good to say something is easy until we have done it 😀. I had to rehearse this song for a whole day but I still was not getting some things right so I had to wait till the next day to give it a try and it became a little better and I hope you enjoy it 🙈.

Video source

Today, I had to wake up a little early so I can work on it before I was able to make the video you have just seen, but hey, I'm opened to any critics you have, hehehe. It will be really nice to see some encouraging words from you but trust me, I'd also love the critics because I know they will help me become a better singer.

So guys that's a wrap of my weird talk, just feel free, I'd be waiting to give a reply to you... And that reminds me, I'd love to shout out to @ksam, @olujay and @me, lolz 😂😂. Please don't mind me, I just need to shout out to myself because it was not easy trust me 😁.


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Please don't forget to subscribe to the Afri-tunes community, it is so much fun here, I've been away for a while now but guess what, I'm back 😎😂.


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See you all, one love ❤️.

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Thank you so much @bhattg 🙏.

You are a good Singer 🤗
I always love to hear your sweet voice..
Have a good night 🌃

Awwn... Thank you for so much Hasan, I'm so glad you stopped by ❤️.

Have a good night rest friend 🤗🌃.

Ehh my favorite💃💃💃
You be vibes aswear....see voice nau😍😍😍
I'm so camera shy at this age😂😂

Kudos baby girl💪🏼💪🏼

You know what, just hide the camera and act as though you are doing a video without the camera 😉 see how it turns out.... keep practicing it'll get better.

You may think it's not the best, but in the eyes of others it may be the dopest 😁

Haaaa this one is tricky oo....I sha will still look at the camera....buh nevertheless I will try that style😂😂

It's worth trying out 😅😁

Wait ooo
Don't you take pictures? 🤔 selfies and the siblings of selfies

It's war taking pictures..I love hiding in the shadows honestly..😆😆😆😆

Na wa oooo 🤧🤧
I don see the root of the wahala

Don't mind me

Okay, I understand better now. I thought you love pictures, but hate videos. But with this, 🤔 it's a serious something.

But then, it is something that can be worked on, you know? If you really wanna work on it.

Don't be hiding in the shadows too much oooo

African magic go turn am to another thing o

Haha.... I'm trying harder😆😆

Better ooo
Little by little it'll get better

And I hope to see your video soon on any Community on Hive... don't forget to tag me oooo


Awwn... Thank you so much dear.

It will be so nice to see you face the camera someday 🥰.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment dear, I'm grateful.

I'm happy I get to watch my favorite music of the year cover from you😘

Awwn, thank you ❤️.

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Wow! I love this Ayra Starr's latest track and you killed it with your cover... Like seriously you really tried and got the lyrics right. I can imagine how hard it must've been but I'm glad to see that it came out nice in the end.

You have a beautiful voice sis, keep it up! ❤️

Thank you so much dear, it was not easy at all getting the lyrics of the song and you know the funny part, I only started learning it just yesterday 🥵🥵. I'm happy it came out this well too, I hope to do it better next time sha 😁.

Thank you so much for your sweet words dear, I'm grateful ❤️.

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Thank you so much for the update @hivebuzz, it's always a great joy seeing that I'm making progress in all ramifications here on Hive 😊❤️.

Go girl!! You killed it! Indeed practice and hard work really pays.
Your voice is really as cool as that of ayra star, you've got her kind of alto and I really enjoyed the song cos it's like on repeat in my music player!!

Kudos @hopestylist

Yes oo, my whole day of practice seems to have paid off and I'm so happy I could make you think that I sounded like the original artist 🥺.

I'm looking forward to do another cover of the song sha, I so much love the song and I just rushed this one but I will do a better one.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your amazing comment, I'm motivated and encouraged 🤭🥰.

I really enjoyed watching dear. That your dancing step is what I want to learn for now. That was a very beautiful performance, the voice is as sweet as usual, the smiles very captivating 💖. Prior to this time I was so bored and felt like smashing my phone but as soon as I played this video I got overwhelmed with joy and I didn't realize I am still on Earth until I heard thank you for watching.

Awwn... See as you are making me blush and smile anyhow. I'm so happy you felt happy after seeing my video, your comment made my night ☺️.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment dear.

Smiles.. seriously the video was nice. You are welcome dear🥰💖🤗

I'm happy you like it ❤️.



After, somebody will say that she cannot dance oooo 😑

You just did kolography and your own kolography is better than the one Arya did sef.. Eeehn, kolography or choreography (anyone 😁)

It took you two days to practice and deliver this piece, and you did so well. You took the challenge head-on amidst it's difficulties, stress and you became victorious.

Sometimes we give up after 1 hour or 20 minutes sef, or we change to another song... but you said "Mba!! NO! I will continue and fight till the end. And now, you are happy... I am happy... we are happy 😁

Well, sometimes, some challenges in life demand that we face them head-on and conquer them not minding how long we'll take. The aim is to be victorious and to be happy.

But sometimes you can rest oooo and live to fight another day 😅😅😅 lemme drink cold Fanta Jarre.

Wonderful entry Haunty Hope

3DLAmCsuTe3ba2VJAE1ZhN2oVhekeqoshg9DUnSyUd2Cnt4YtUMpZp3sDdMRGHk8BAg11PqVJjjejPx2Vpp1xAgVJJ45xL4oYbMxTA138eKwFUfxSL3xkP3tm4ctb44oFVss2xNNCBRJ2wnJ4ag3b4mzQiqEvqj (2).gif

Why type of kolography is that one? 😅😅, hand that I moved, is that one dance?

You just did kolography and your own kolography is better than the one Arya did sef.. Eeehn, kolography or choreography (anyone 😁)

Hm, please be calming down oo 😢🥵.

It's not two days sha, it's one, if it's two days normally I would have given up 😅😅.

Please where is the Fanta oo? 🥺

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such beautiful and... Comment, lolz 😂💕.

type of kolography is that one? 😅😅, hand that I moved, is that one dance?

I know your humbility (humble + humility) will not allow you to accept that you can dance 🙌

Coman tish me ooo

Please where is the Fanta oo?

Is in my mouth like this like this 😁😁😁
It's sweet eeeehn

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such beautiful and... Comment, lolz

Why are you pursuing me? 🙄

It's you that teach me naw and I'm learning really well right? But you know it's you tagt know how to dance na, so you should be the one to teach me.

No problem sha, since it's you that drink it is fine 😊.

Why will I pursue you? I'm not oo please 🙂.

Me that canno dance?
The dance steps came out unique... like from some professional 😉 so you're a professional, you know 😎

Oya, it's still remaining oo
Coman drink the last drop 😉

I thought you were pursuing me 🤧

You can lie to me but you can't lie to yourself, hehe. You know you can dance 🥵.
Me professional ke? I'm trying to learn how to sha.

No oo, not at all 🥰.

So you mean I am lying to you? 🤧
You're calling me a liar???

Yes you are lying to me and of course that makes you a liar 😏.

And you know I didn't take it that you went anywhere... so me ayam not telling you welcome

Hahaha 😂😂, thank you 🤗.

You're welcome

Smiles ❤️

Oh my! It came out so well... See as she is dancing and making me dance to the song as well.

Your voice sounds so much like hers, no doubt... It's a perfect cover to the other covers I've heard 😊

The yoruba part though... Are you sure dad and mum has no explanation about you? 🤪 I thought we are both Urhobo kids 🥲

Nice cover dear, you should have a glass of warm water for this... See me in my office 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Me I will not answer you online, it's offline that I will talk to you 🙄.

Well sha, thank you for the sweet words, making me blush, please go joor 🤭🤭.

Abi oo, your father and your mother should come and explain to me oo, I'm supposed to be a yoruba girl 😂😂.

Please Ma, where is your office located at? 😏.


Lolz 😂😂, where are you walking to?

Ahn ahn
I say lemme be walking on my own ooo, is you dah goan call mee

You were walking pass the wrong place naw, so I had to call you 😂😂.

I just gave you my 100 percent vote now which is 0.04 because you just sang the song of my celebrity crush and it is impeccably beautiful...

I couldn't stop the joy I feel, dang I so much love ayra starr, you know what send me the video or link and let me share it on m IG PAGE AND I WLL TAG AYRA STARR❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Awwn, that's so sweet of you Foxy, thank you so much for your kind words and the support, it's so much appreciated 💕💕.

Yes I know you love her so much and I do too and that is why I choose to dedicate my time to singing her song 🥰.

I will chat you up on whatsapp for the video 🥺❤️.

Okay take your time ❤️... I never told you she is my celebrity crush how do you know???

Alright dear. You did not have to tell me, I see it on your DP on whatsapp naw 🥰.

Aye aye❤️❤️

I didn't reach out because it was already late but I will this morning ☺️.

Okay 😊

Yeah 👌🤭

You know what her latest song is out with Kelly bloody Samaritan remix you should listen to it, it Is beautiful too...

Oh really!! I will check it out, thank you so much for the update 🥰.

I love this, I bet I would have danced a bit if not that am already on the bed.. you killed it.. kudos dear

Awwn 🤭🤭, I'm so happy you loved it. It would have been really nice to hear that you danced, hehe but thank God you were already in bed 🥵.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment sir, I'm honored to have you stop by 🥰.

Hmm and hmm I don't even know what to say lol...
After killing the song you're still expecting encouragement, well you're the one encouraging me now oo 🙈🙈 to put in more effort in my music whatever, cus if you can perfect this in two days hmm I'll say you're good to go.

I won't be surprised to see you in Nigerian idol 😃😃

Hahaha, finally I could get you to leave a comment on my post, it's been a while sha.

Me I still need encouragement oo, don't say it like that please and I'm happy I can encourage you too.

Nigerian idol ke 😂😂, please oo.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your amazing comment dear, I really happy to see you here 🤗.

eiii...🔥🔥 Hope is backk! Finally!

It's your voice for me in this song. I totally loved it.

I can totally relate how difficult it can be to sing a song that isn't yours, most especially if it is by an artist that you do not even sing like.

Regardless of the countless trials, what matters is that you did not give up. See what happened now... you delivered to us something beautiful.

Good to see you here again, Hope.

Yes oo, I'm back oo, lolz. And yes, the voice is for you naw, hehehe.

It can be hard sha but me I don't like singing the song of any artist that I don't like, I do like Ayra Starr because of how amazing voice sha, lolz.

Yeah, I'm happy I could deliver the song after much practice and I hope to do better next time.

I'm so glad I'm here to Joe, thank you so much for the warm welcome back, lolz.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog too 🙏.

Yes oo, I'm back oo, lolz. And yes, the voice is for you naw,

@olujay weldone sir, how is the family?

Who is this one? 😂😂

Awwn, I love this song and your voice is soft.

I always think about doing song covers and posting here but I’m too camera shy to go ahead. Keep singing!

Thank you for your kind words dear, I totally understand how hard it can be to face the camera but trust me it gets easier with practice.

I want to encourage you to give it a try, I'm sure you will do well ❤️.

Thank LCS for the encouragement. I might just surprise myself and do so any day now.

We'll be waiting for the surprise 🥰

Yes oo, she will surprise us well 🥰.


Yes dear, I'm sure you will surprise everyone too and I'm positive it will be really nice.



Yay! it's so great to have you back and also, Your writeup is well constructed alongside the musical post!
You might have forgotten to add the lyrics of the song, But I with all due respect strongly recommend that you add lyrics to your musical posts and also add Lyrics source!

I'm happy to be back and thank you so much for the warm welcome. Well, I did not forget to add the lyrics, I intentionally removed it because it's not totally acceptable here on Hive but I will do well to add the lyrics source next time for those who will be needing it.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment dear and also for the observation 🙏.

You can add the lyrics dear.... The most important thing is the lyrics source of where you got the lyrics from.

The lyrics you uploaded with your post will carry your viewers along!

You gerrit 😁

I understand what you mean but when I want to share my post to the dreemport site they do not allow me adding the lyrics totally to my post even with the source because it's too long most times so I just don't add it to my blog.

I hope you understand now?

hehehe hi there @obaro and @hopestylist
The reason why DreemPort doesn't allow full lyrics on your submitted posts is because your post is a commercial blog (that you are getting paid for) and lyrics are copyrighted material (which you should not be paid for)

You can include a link for lyrics on their own site - but if you are getting paid for your blog - then your work should only be your own words ( a small sample of the lyrics is acceptable on DreemPort ❤️)

The reason why we allow the video of you singing - is because that is your own performance of the work :)

hope that makes more sense! hehehe

I know that some communities don't downvote posts for including lyrics - and that is up to their own discretion. But on DreemPort we like to ensure that our dreemers are held to a higher standard ❤️

Thank you so much Dreemie, you have he a lot with this explanation but how did you find us, lolz 😂😂.

Oh, I get it mama yoo..

But we encourage that in afritunes mama .. try all means in your next post.
Much love 🙏💓💪

I love sharing my blogs with my dreemport family so I can only add the lyrics source.

Thank you so much for understanding 😊.

I love this!!! You are a great singer, dear. 😍

Awwn, thank you so friend 🥰🙏.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much @afri-tunes, I'm truly honored 🙏❤️.

hehehe I am loving your dancing - just like your sister said, right @merit.ahama?? hahahahaha

i was dancing with you!!! LOLOLOL

this is so great! and i love your editing too heheheheh i'm smiling from ear to ear Hope!!! I can tell you had so much fun with this! hehehe and you sing so well too! I LOVE THIS!

Hehehe, you are making me blush Dreemie 🤭🤭, I'm so happy I made you dance.

I just did a little editing and it's really so nice to see you liked it. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your amazing comment Dreemie, I'm honored to have you stop by 🙈❣️❣️.

Hello @hopestylist
Let me just applaud you and go my way quietly 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

Awwn, thank you so much 🤗.

You have a beautiful voice love and great vibes as well. It's great to have you BACK!!! 💃💃🕺🕺

Thank you so much my darling, I'm so glad to be back 🤗.


Hehehe 🤩🤩