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Hey guy, it's Afri-tunes week 22 and today I did a medley song of two artists, Adekule Gold and Fireboy. The three songs I mashed up are Peru by fireboy, High by Adekule Gold and Sinner by Adekule Gold too. I got the idea of this mash up from one video I saw about a year ago and I want to share it with you all and I hope you love it.



Loving you be my greatest sin,

See I was lost but see I'm here,

You don't make it easy rara

To stay away from yawa

Shiba oh shiba

Boy you make me a sinner,

Shiba oh Shiba,

Don't make me pull the trigger,

Never say never,

You know I can do whatever,

Shiba oh Shiba,

Don't wanna be so loser.


Hennessey 250, komalonititi

Gussepe Zanotti, inna Maserati

Hope baby easy,

Fine girl like me pretty,

You wan kill somebody,

Pe lu sweet melody


Won ni wan wa mi

Won ni wan wa mi

I'm in San Francisco jamming

Won ni wan wa mi

I'm in London sitting vibing

Peru, para

Peru peru para

I'm loosing

Even peru don dey para

Peru para

Peru peru para

I'm loosing ye.....


Some part of the lyrics was from me and that's why I had to just write it out and not leave a source for easy flow. It's just a random vibe and I hope you vibe with me as you listen to the song 😊.

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This was really nice. I enjoyed the mashup.. I just dont know how you came up with this but you didn excellently well. keep it up dear.

Who I'm I seeing here at my comment section? It's so so good to have you stop by Dada 🥰🥰.

I got the idea from a video I watched some months back and I just added a little. I'm so happy you liked it 🙈😍😍.

You did so well with the song. I wish I can be like you. Keep soaring high dear...

Awww... Thank you so much Dada, don't worry you will also soar high when you are ready to and you know it 🥰.

The more I hear your voice, the more I hide my own voice🤦🤦

I am loyal Hope, voice get levels 💁🤣🤣....that was a nice mashup👍👌

Please oo, don't be like that oo, don't make me stop singing oo, I'm so waiting to hear you sing and you are trying not to sing!!!

Please oo, don't do that type of thing oo, do and sing oo, you see the way I'm adding oo to almost everything abi 😏, you have make me confused self.

Thank you for stopping by and please this should not discourage you but instead it should encourage you, okay? I trust you will do really well at it once you start.

Wow these amazing, I wish you won't stop and would keep on singing, you've got a lovely voice, keep up the good work.

Aww...that's so sweet of you to say Sir 😍, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment, I truly appreciate it ☺️☺️.

You're welcome dear, I look forward to your next video.😊

Hehehe, I look forward to seeing your comment too at my next video too 🤩😎😁.

You hope I enjoyed that ke? You need to see the say I was just smiling throughtout the video. I LOVED it!

My favourite is "Sinner". Or is it Peru?🤔🤔 I could not even decide.

Your voice is lovely, Hope. And you come get the vibes.

Be like we go soon start Hive Open Duets o. I go just dey play guitar, you go dey drop melodies.

I just sent Ecency points your way. I never get flyer like you. I will be working in it sha.

Yes, I was hoping you will and I'm glad you loved it. I can imagine how you were if you said you were happy, lol. That is. Making me have butterflies in my belly 🤩🥰🥰🤩🥰.

My favorite is sinner too, I'm so happy you love the songs too Joe 😍. I'm happy you think I have vibes, that's really encouraging sha 😁😁.

That will be awesome!!! 😍😍😍, let's see how it goes, I'm so going to love that 🥰🥰.

Yes yes, I just got some golden points from you now, that's so sweet of you, I really appreciate it Joe big time ❤️.

I know you are going to create a really beautiful banner, can't wait to see it 😍.

Never say never,
You know I can do whatever

I like this part. We can do anything..we just need to believe in ourselves

Yes dear, we can always do whatever it is we put our minds to.

I'm so glad you liked something from the song, thank you for stopping by and leaving such beautiful comment, it's very well appreciated Jane ❤️.

How are you doing dear, it's been a while I dropped by at your post and I haven't seen you around like before, hope it's because I haven't visited and not because you haven't been posting?

I am posting.. Been busy with something lately.. I got sick as well.. I wasn't that active..

Okay, now I understand, so sorry about your health. So how are you feeling now?

Feeling better now. Tha k you

That's great, I'm happy you are feeling better now 🥰😍.

You are always welcome dear 🤗.

Awww see my beautiful sister nau... I was just smiling and nodding my head even when you didn't use any instrument... You're talented my baby ❤️

Keep shining and keep singing, your voice is improving by every song, that's a good one!

I wonder when I'll make an entry to Afriktunes 🥲 I nor too know Nigerian songs o

Hehehe see as you dey make me gey feel high 😁😎, you are so sweet my darling and I appreciate your comment big time, thank you so much 😍😍💋💋❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕.

I'm so glad I'm getting better at every trial, I hope to keep it up 🤭🤭.

You know many Nigeria songs naw, you have gospel songs too naw, I will be expecting an entry from you soon sister ❤️❤️, I know you can do it, fighting!!! 💪💪.


See motivation! 🥲 If I fall her hand and leg now, them go say I wicked... Make I go review all the Nigerian songs wey I know 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Thanks dear ❤️

Yes oo, don't fall my hand and leg oo, people like them @ksam and @olujay nor go mind to laugh me oo 😏🙃.

I know you will surely get something beautiful to sing, all the best my darling 😘😘.

Me I'm waiting for you ooo
It's not just by wondering

Mtcheeeeew 😒

Hahaha even you too?
Oya you pipo shu wait well ehn, I will soon show

During the time of Elijah, that's what Baal told the prophets of Baal and las las it didn't show up


What is he feeling like? I know Bible? Shift joor 😂

I will show, I give you my word 😝

Your voice is just magical dear and the combo mad oo. I thought you would loose it when you got to Peru but you did a great job with it.

Aww... Thank you so much dear, I'm so happy you enjoyed it and I'm so happy you left a comment too, it's very well appreciated 😘😘🥰.

I had to do some practice so it would blend in well without the instrumentals 🙃

@hopestylist, you seem to have forgotten to use the #afrwk22 tag.

Yes I did, I will try to edit it now. Thank you for the observation, that's why I'm so happy to have you here 🥰.

Beat Acapella medley have heard so far..

The way you vibe to every song is just beautiful dear..

I really enjoyed this one.. short but he too make sense..
Kudos love ❤
You are getting better every day😍❤❤

Really!!! You are making me feel emotional now 🥺🥺.

Awwn... That's so sweet of you to say my darling 😍😍🤗🤗.

I'm happy you enjoyed the vibes, he he he.

That's an encouraging feedback dear, I really appreciate it, many kisses for you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘.

This is really nice dear @hopestylist I love your vibes💚

Thank you so much dear, I'm happy you loved my vibe, hehehe 🙈🙈.

I'm so glad you stopped by dear 😊😊.

You killed it from the beginning; you started so well and ended well. I just dey wonder how you manage merge all of them together, not until I read where you said you got the idea from a video you watched last year.

The mash up is really hot 🔥 and you did well as always 🥰

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Yes, the idea was not totally mine, I used someone's help but it was not easy sha because the person had an instrument to back her up. I've been rehearsing this song for two weeks now, not consistently though.

I'm so glad you liked it, I feel so blessed to read this, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our talents with this amazing community 🙏❤️.

Weldone sis, nice performance as usual... See as plenty comments dey rush you that alone shows that your presentation is top notch. I want to be like you when I grow up oo.

Thank you so much Sholex, I'm so glad you like it 😊😊.

Well it's the lord's doing oo, I'm really happy everyone so far likes it.

You are already a grown up bro 😂😂.

Hmm if you say so ma 😃

Yes, I say so 😂.

Okay oo mummy.

Hehehe, please oo, I've not given birth oo 🙈😜

You'll give birth one day na... So let me start calling you mummy from now. 😃😃

Hahaha, yes I will be someday, but I'm scared when I'm called that now 😬.

peru para,, peru don dey para hehehe

see vibes o..
nice vocals hehe

Hehehe, thank you so much Jay, I'm so happy you stopped by 😍🥰.

Like I do..

Yeah 😊

Beautiful medley
Very lovely to listen to
Great voice too
Love eet

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment Vheekthorjay 🥰.

I don't joke with adekunle Gold , he's my favorite artist.
What a Nice presentation from you, you're already making me shiba... 😂

Oh really!! Not bad at all.

I'm so glad you like my performance, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment dear.

you're already making me shiba... 😂

Okay naw 🙃🙃.

Hope with the voice 🤗🤗see how good this voice is ..I'm trying to imagine what it will look like with instruments..
Nice one Sis I love this version of yours.

Aww... Thank you so much dear, I'm so happy you like this version.

It's really good to see a comment from you, thank you ❤️😍.

Your welcome 🤗


Walahi, i no go lie you, you be raw talent wey industry dey find..... Mavins record label, where art thou????

Hahaha, you just made me burst into laughter Obaro, that's really so sweet for you to say, I really appreciate it dear.

Thank you, I hope Marvins record comes soon, lol.

Amen... When them come carry u, mention my name too.. 🥲

Smiles... Sure I will dear 🙈🙃. The pray is I shouldn't forget your name, lol just kidding sha 😢😁.