Afritunes week 82_cover of raise a sound by jpat

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Hi my lovely friend and family I welcome us all to Afritunes week 82
Its another week and am happy to be present , actually is a privilege to be here.
This week I brought us a lovely and wonderful song from a great minister of God (Nosa ) the title of the song is "we raise a sound".
The song is talking about CHRIST the Lamb of God who takes the sins of the whole world ,
Who had no sin but yet he took our sins by deiying on the cross of Calvary for me and you,
To him who sits on the throne be praise ,we honor and praise you for ever and ever .
Thank you.
Eh eh eh x2
Hallelujah eh eh eh x2
Now, unto The One upon the throne
We raise a sound
We raise a sound
For He is God and God alone
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Now, unto The One upon the throne
We raise a sound
We raise a sound
From every nation, tribe, and tongue
For He’s worthy to receive glory, honour, and praise

Now, unto The One upon the throne
We raise a sound
We raise a sound
For He’s worthy to receive glory, honour, and praise


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God's love for us is a mystery, sometimes I imagine if I can die for my child on this earth, but He loved us that He died for us.

You have a beautiful presentation here dear, you presentation it well.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us

Thank you I really appreciate your kind words❤


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God is supreme and wonderful in all his ways. In everything, we ought to raise a sound of praise to him.

Nice cover

Thank you


Jesus Christ is the lamb of God that bears all our sins. if not for Jesus who are we to call on God His grace has made us children of God.
Nice rendition.

Thank you freind🙏

You are welcome

My babe wey no gree for me, hehe. U know sayni dey every enjoy your pieces. The voice for me is something else. E b like e dey turn me on and e b like I like am. Weldone anty

🤣😄😄thank you

He is on the throne dethroning the dethronable in us. More grace

This song has been on my mind o since.
It's one of the best songs produced this year so far.
God indeed is God and God alone.
No one can take his place.
You have done great justice to this song.

Thanks for sharing with us, you did a very good job🤝❤

Thank you❤