AFRI-TUNES: The Future? (Afri-Anniversary)

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Cloud of Uncertainty

I began writing this post yesterday, but I was unlucky because at that time my mind was a complete “Tabula rasa” (clean slate) as John Locke calls it. I was left dumbfounded and awestruck as I never expected such, and this was accompanied by a migraine-like headache. Nah! I had to sleep off!

It was a reminder to me that (most times) Life can be brutal and unfair; wicked and partial. She takes you along a path which you are ill-prepared for, and sometimes throws you under a moving train; she picks you up from that low-level spot and puts you in the midst of garbage of all sorts. Yea! What a despicable, arrogant and unpredictable lady she is!

Likewise, when you begin a project or a career, she makes you wander in the realm of uncertainty, not knowing your left from your right, the right path to follow, and the right way to overcome challenges. Yes, she necessarily makes you ill-prepared for such journey. (Why are you doing this, O life?)

A Glimmer of Hope


I remember with great nostalgia how it all began!

You know, back in the day, I had a good photographic memory such that I could remember the exact day and describe events that happened 5 or more years ago. Well, this “superpower” is sometimes a blessing, and other times a curse, especially when you cannot forget bad memories or experiences.

But now, it seems I’m losing this superpower thanks to the ill-fated treatment by the same lady called LIFE!

Yea, I digressed!

The most crucial and important part of a building is its foundation; if its foundation is unstable, shaky, broken and unprofessionally built then no matter how many storeys you add to it, it will collapse someday.

The same can be said about Hive and its second layers: If the first layer (Hive) isn’t scalable, efficient and secured, then the other layers built upon that layer will someday “crumble”, except if they fork out of the system.

Well, I cannot say with certainty that Afri-tunes Community was built on a solid foundation, doing this will be quite boastful of me. However, I am happy that we’ve built a community where many people feel at home; a community that has impacted greatly on people; a community where many people get to experience the true social side of Hive which transcends “writing and dumping” content; a community where everyone is welcomed; a community that is interested in your growth not only on Afri-tunes, but on Hive (in general) and in life.

We Need Each Other (A Community Project)


We’ve been through thick and thin together: we’ve experienced scarcity of content and we’ve also experienced abundance of content from amazing authors; we’ve experienced Hive at $1.1 and we’ve also experienced Hive at $0.25; we’ve experienced little or no curation and we’ve also experienced good curation from the lovely curation projects acting as “guardian angels” to us.

In all, we didn’t hold back no matter how low life threw us under the bus; we didn’t call it quits when we had no sponsors and few supporters; we stood strong together amidst all challenges and difficulties, and we persevered amidst the raging storm.

Are we victorious yet?

I can’t say. All I can say is that we need each other to achieve victory! Victory is in the common bond we share; it is in the unity we enjoy; a unity and common bond which transcends country, language, continent and tribe. A unity that is brought about by our shared love and appreciation of the niche: AFRICAN MUSIC.

Let’s Take the Step!


One thing they say about being a leader is that you should be an individual with great vision and foresight. Oh well, since all of us are leaders in our own capacity, I encourage us to take the great step towards shaping Afri-tunes Community to become the community of our dreams! Let’s dream together (sorry I didn’t say this.. lol).

One of the lowkey reasons for making the Afri-tunes Branded T-Shirt and sharing it to people in at least nine states in Nigeria, three countries, and two continents, was to bring about a physical presence of Afri-tunes in these different locations, and to once again establish that unity that exists no matter our location.

Yes, I am happy this dream was achieved.

Aside the “dream” of becoming one of the 10 or 20 biggest communities on Hive and contributing massively to the Hive Ecosystem, I also dream of an Afri-tunes that will transcend from being an online phenomenon on Hive, to being one that has a solid basis in the physical world, and in the home of African Music (an evangelist of web3 music).

Maybe, someday we would host or co-host a music concert physically on the African soil sponsored by the Hive Community; maybe we would be the champion of web3 music in Africa and beyond; maybe we would bring in great artists and musicians on board.

These “maybes” can become a “we just did” someday.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas or opinions about what you think we can do, or achieve as a community on Hive, and beyond Hive.



It won’t be proper for me not to drop a music cover, even though I planned to make this a writing entry. Hence, let me try to brighten our mood with this little cover of Uyo Meyo by Teni. This is a song that speaks about joy, rejoicing and happiness, and I believe it is apt on this occasion.

If you wish to go to the musical rendition proper please skip to 2:42, because I spoke for a long time appreciating everyone including my village people (lol).

▶️ Watch on 3Speak


I specially appreciate @starstrings01 and @obaro who began this project with me; @ovey10 who dropped the very first entry for Afri-tunes Project and is today a great Moderator in the community, @magicfingerz who also made his entry during the first week. I sincerely appreciate @hopestylist and @sholex94 for their wonderful assistance, alongside the team, to make this occasion and every week's contest a success.

I sincerely appreciate every member, subscriber, lovers of African music and the Afri-tunes Project, our sponsors for our weekly event and for this event, and everyone on Hive. I truly appreciate you all.


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▶️ 3Speak


That's some great story and some cool achievements you share with us. Perseverance is the key when starting something. Turning dreams into reality 100% requires that. So good to read you 'guys' are progressing and making the dreams happen. The link with the physical world is something really to do indeed. Not many do so. Hence I do hope you'll be able to establish some concert or festival powered by your local HIVE community.

LIFE... Yea, she can be a kinda bitch at times. But as I can read from your stories, LIFE is in the end treating you quite well. Obviously with bumps here and there, but in the end, we need the 'downs' to get to the 'tops', as well as appreciate our own lives and those around us (friends, family, colleagues, community members and whatnot).

Congrats on the anniversary by the way 😉


One thing they say about being a leader is that you should be an individual with great vision and foresight.
That is definitely what a leader is supposed to be. It good to see the community doing well good to see you bro once again

Thank you so much bro
I really appreciate your comment...
It's nice to see you once again

dear the community doing wonderful job and i visited first time through your 3speak, i love 3speak, so nice i would like to say best of luck and Afri-Anniversary great

I'm glad I was able to bring you to this wonderful hub. Thank you so much for your best wishes

You know I was wondering, is my boss not going to drop his entry? And thank God here it's... So sorry you were not feeling too well, hope you're better now.

Yeah, I so much believe in the bright future of this great community. I know we're getting and we going to get there.

moreso, thanks for blessing us with this wonderful tune, uyo meyo.

Happy anniversary to us chief 🙌🥰

Thanks brother, I hope I get better soon sha 🥲

Yea, we are going to get there little by little... 💪 Thanks for all you do baba... I appreciate

You're welcome boss

And finally the boss dropped it hot.

From all indication life is fair life is rude at the same time but what can we do to make changes?

Often times, we're lost and confused completely. In any case, we push on.

You've a double marks now and twas good reading through to watching your marvelous fingers on the strings.

First Achievement but it isn't enough yet. The road is narrow yet we shall trade it and become victorious.

Weldon boss🤝🤝

#afritunes #music

Yes brother
We push on amidst the uncertainty and confusion life has to offer us... 💪

We still got a long way, and the path is not smooth, it is narrow like you said... but little by little and with God by our side, we'll conquer 💪

Double marks... lol, I say make I sha make one video, make e no be like say I no play anything 😅😅😅

Our beloved leader, I'm so happy you finally made an entry, I can understand a little why you had to make a late entry, things must have been really difficult at some point, it's just impressive how you manage to do these things Sha.

The images you edited are beautiful and the video was great, I love those freestyles you put in between, it's just nice and a great way of keeping your viewers glued to the screen.

We all look forward to seeing our beautiful community go beyond just the hive blockchain, to the world physically. I believe with the right plans in place and with God helping us, we will achieve that dream and make it a reality.

But I didn't understand the part where you said I did even more than you oo, that's a lie and I won't accept it in anyway. You did so much, even while we all were asleep and you dare say I did even more, it's not fair 😏.

You are amazing and you are doing really well and I pray God continues to give you the strength and wisdom to keep giving your best to the growth and success of our community.


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Ghen ghen
Me, leader? Ahhhh, ayam shy oooo 🙈

It's not easy, they actually aid in making me extra stressed plus adding better better headache for my small head 🤕

Hehehe, thank you so much... I realized I have some images here, and I was just doing some practical and it worked really nice 😅😅😅 the thing sweet me oooo.. lol

Thank you for the comment on the video 🥺 I'm glad I glued you to your screen 😅😅😅 I strong pass super glue ooo

Yes dear, with the right plans and God's guidance, I believe it'll be possible 🥰

Hehee, everything I said about you is the truest truth 😌😌😌 I know you won't agree because of your humility 😅😅

Thank you so much dearie
I really appreciate 🥰🥰🥰

Why will you be shy, shy shy, later you will be telling me that I'm the shy shy one.

Sorry about the headache dear 🥺.

The images make sense nor be small, well done, you go Sha teach me how to edit like this oo, I need to upgrade, hehe.

As in ehn, lolz.

God will help us dear.

I understand, thank God you know it's because of your humility that's why you don't want to accept the truth.

You know you are always welcome 🥺.

You're sha the shy shy one... e dinno consine mee

Thanks dear

Lol, na trial and error o do for all the editing oooo...

Amen, thanks dear.. share me small of your humbility nau

I trust you, turning table is one of your specialty, it's you I'm Sha learning from 🙄

Turning table kee
Table that there's no food 🤧

It is well 🙂


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Wow 😳 wow wow honestly just wow i have been seeing alot of entry since and this one is more different it is good to be good 😊 Weldon.

I wish i can sing or play guitar 🎸 too but it's all well .

I must say that you are good in what you are doing Weldone and nice entry.

Thank you bro, I just have to do the little I can. It'll be bad of me if I called for a contest, and then I didn't participate 😁 I'm glad you were following up on our entries. It's a privilege for us 🙏

Thank you so much
I'm grateful

You won't believe what I'm about to say 😂

I actually thought you'll be serious all through this content, when I started reading, I didn't see much sarcasm as I always do in your posts so I was like...

Finally! He's a bit serious in his life... Now acting like the Admin of all the good village people at Afritunes 😝🤣

Yeah... You ended up playing at the end of the post, I'm not surprised 🙂

I was about going to fight you in your dm that you haven't submitted something for the celebration and then you surprised with just what we want to hear from our able Admin... This was so uplifting 🥰

And your cover... Ahhh is nor small thing you are doesing o
Kwantinue, we dey your back gidigba

Happy afriversary to you Boss of all Bosses at Afritunes... We love you✌️😎❤️


Is someone calling me unserious?? 😢😭🤧

Lol, I no like when people dey predict me 😅 I dey always make sure say I dey unpredictable 😌 lol, admin of village people kwa 😅

I'm not feeling well 🤧 hence the delay in the post, my response on my post on other posts sef 😪

Thank you so much dearwe
I really appreciate 🥰🥰🥰
Your comment can lift up the broken pure water from the Ghana must go bag 😅

You come get mind dey fall sick for our anniversary week abi?
Well, I nor go blame you
Na you wey go over stress yourself to make am a success na I blame 🥲

Doh! The Lord is your strength

I never understand my comment lift up 😂 crazy Sam

You come get mind dey fall sick for our anniversary week abi?

🤧🤧🤧 wetin man go do....
The small strength wey God dey give us... we don almost finish am for this matter 🥲

Thank you 😁

Thank God say e don over
I still dey wait for my badge 🤧

Make I give you my primary school badge??? You go like am o 😁

No thank you 🙄

Ojoroooo, u came late purposely oga, me I no gree say na busyness abi tabulara... gini sef, haha.

Correct guy with wizard brain. I wonder when God dey share brain where e keep me. Only you just carry up to 20 people brain. Sha make I put am say na your gift be dat. But sincerely bro, its quite very great from you to be doing all you do. Your availability to anyone who asks for your help at any time is just so superb and it's not like you are alway less busy but you sacrifice that little time to help. Infact anybody wey say God no go bless you, e no go better for am

You are just so creative such that you did two things in one- writing and playing.

I no wan talk too much because you no be woman, if to say na one of my ladies now like @utymarvel I for give homily , hehe.

Happy anniversary bro, you too much

You carry wahala for trailer💔💔💔😂😂

So you agree to am? 🥲 make I confam the heartbreak like this 🥲


Lolz. Na my baptism name b dat

No vex na, no be me cause am... lol

Thank you so much baba... it is quite tasking and mind draining, but wetin man go do nau... we just dey pray for Oluwa strength 💪

Hahaha, thanks baba... na writing I suppose do ooo... but I say make I drop video join body... lol

You dey mention @utymarvel to torment me shey? After she break my hat 🥲

@utymarvel never even gree for me sef

Weldone baba, u too much jare
The Lord is your strength

This music sweet abeg. If I were around you for only a while, I would definitely learn the lead guitar. It gives joy to the city😂

Well done boss! You have more than garri oh

Na only Ijebu garri dey oooo
Thank you bro.... I'm still a learner ooo 😢😢😢

You too much
I have only known to for a couple of weeks
You are a good guy

This project is a blast one
Growing and nurturing something isn't always easy. The process is always thorny, but I'm glad you pulled out and here we are today.

You know stories like this strengthens the sentence "Everything is possible". And you kinda nailed the whole thing with that Uyo Meyo song.

You are great
You are talented
Gifted hands
Hear grooves nauuuuuuuuuu
Who deyyyy.........
@jesus-son are you seeing this
I'm falling ooooooooooo.

By the way, I no follow get T-Shirt😭😭😭

Yea, the process is filled with multiple and excess thorns... e no easy. I'm glad we all did it together 🥰

No matter when you joined, the beautiful thing is that you're here with us and we can do it together 🥰

Awwwwn, me dah wish I can sing like you 🤧🤧🤧

Abeg fall oooo, I go catch you well well 😅😅😅

Na @jesus-son sponsor the T-Shirt, ask am why him no include you 😅😅😅😅

Na @jesus-son sponsor the T-Shirt, ask am why him no include you
Oya see me nah. Make I buga nah

Yes o, na me sponsor d t-shirt, just accept my proposal and you will see yours in less than an hour, hehe

This man
Thunder dey wait for you ooo 😅😅😅



@jesus-son are you seeing this
I'm falling ooooooooooo

Ah!! Th3 Bible say we should not fall o
Marvel my baby, pls don't fall oo, e b like I go go find stick wage u so u go stand gididgba

Marvel my own baby, no fear.. I will catch you 😅😅😅

Na lie o, e no go catch you
Just fall in my hands and you will b safe
I get muscle o 😅

Chaii, I have been waiting for the boss to drop something and Tadaaa! I saw it, I could feel the grin on your face, just to show how happy you're about the growth of community, of course it's a great achievement and more of it is on the way, it's nice that you were able to present an entry for this Anniversary

Maybe, someday we would host or co-host a music concert physically on the African soil

sponsored by the Hive Community;
That will be so interesting, it can be made possible, but just have to plan it, might not be easy to do though, but the future plan is possible, I believe you're capable. We can make it happen someday. I sincerely appreciate your efforts on the community, it was felt ☺️

Haunty Maywe
Yea, it's a great achievement... we Don try 😅😅

Yea, hopefully... I believe that'll be a future plan... let's do the little we can, little by little 😉 one challenge is that most of us aren't together... if not, it would have been easier to run one or two...

Wow, this is amazing!!!, Although still a fresher in this community but I can feel the humility in the boss. your spoken words are the same as your written words .sometimes people write good words of encouragement and when you see the expression in them physically you will discover that they only have the written expression but nothing in comparison with their spoken words.

The way you play the guitar sound as if I've not heard anyone play guitar before, and you played the song excellently well.👏👍👍 @ksam

This is a really lovely piece and I greatly appreciate you for putting down those magnificent words into writing... 🥰🥰🥰

I may not be good or the best at both writing and speaking, but I try my best to do the little I can. I appreciate your wonderful commendation. E sweet my belle 😁

Thank you for your comment on my guitar ooo... 😁 I still dey learn work oooo.. lol... we're pleased to have you in our wonderful community 🥰 thank youuuuu!!!!

Keep up the good work. Thank you for thanking me.

You are welcome 🥰

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This cover of UYO MEYO BY TENI is awesome. I LOVE IT!!! I've never heard it before but it beautiful and peaceful and uplifting... it feels very nostalgic. You are a wonderful musician Ksam 🙌💗

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Thank you so much for your lovely words.

I'm really grateful for all you and the wonderful vyb team have done for our little community. We really appreciate 🙏

I'm glad you loved my little performance of the song. Yea, it is indeed peaceful and uplifting.

Thank you once more for celebrating with us 🥰 and for the tips 😁


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Wow.. the T-shirt look so beautiful.
I'm new here so just getting to see the shirt.

Well-done for the the wondrous work and Happy one year anniversary to AFRITUNES.