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RE: Afritunes Week #54 || A Cover of Tobechukwu by Nathaniel Bassey feat. Mercy Chinwo @jesus-son

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You just like to dey intimidate me 😭 we no dey do competition naaaa... have I wronged you in any way? 🤧

Na wa ooooo
This was more than good!

Definitely, you practice or rehearse wella with the keyboard to ensure that everything goes smooth with regards to creating the beat, loops, interlude and every every. Your voice and harmony just finish work... chai!!! God when oooo 🤧🤲

@wizj go carry him sax dey intimidate me sef 🥲


Lolz, my oga like to.dey whine e boys sha
But me I understand say u dey try encourage me
Thank you bro
It's a pleasure for me

No be lie chief
I for like come for training

Setting beat or making beat on keyboard is actually a difficult matter for me eeehn... so when person sabi do am well.. e make sense

Infact, that interlude you had to add the metronome and play along with it, then switched it off.... all those fast actions no be beans oooo...

So when next we call you Oga, just accept am sharp sharp

I no say if I continue to argue I no go win so leme just accept it as a compliment. You wey be baba for music generally
Sha tanchu sir. You too much

You're welcome baba

Abeg o...I inoocent die for here o @ksam and @jesus-son...him sef no the truth

All the same...male una weldone o👋🙌

You are inno- what??
Make I do like say I no hear sha, hehe

Yes oooo....I am inno oooo @jesus-son

Bring y'self here by Friday o

Ok sir
I hear