Afritunes Week #54 || A Cover of Tobechukwu by Nathaniel Bassey feat. Mercy Chinwo @jesus-son

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Hello Hive @Afri-tunes week #54, my name is @jesus-son and I bring to you in this post, my participation for the week.


I imagine a life outside the auspices of God and I see emptiness and indeed dryness. When I look at the order of things in the universe, I cannot but give praise to the divine Master for His omnipotence and omnibenevolence. I look at every sphere of my life and the several situations that have shaped my life experience and I see a great deal of God’s power at work.

This is why I have decided to follow the Lord all the days of my life and to more importantly never complain about any inconvenient situation in my life for I know He has the Master plan to every event of life. At the time I feel things are happening in the wrong way, I am sure He
is busy taking care of a more serious situation for my own betterment.

I just feel that God's love is too much that I do not deserve further favours. But He continues to add to His many great deeds in my life and that is why I have decided to do a cover of the song by Nathaniel Bassey featuring Mercy Chinwo titled: "Tobechukwu". Tobechukwu is an Igbo compound word meaning "Praise God".

In this song, Bassey calls us to glorify God for all He does for us. He answers our prayers even before we pray. He brought us salvation by giving up His son for us on the cross. He works behind the scene at the most critical situations of our lives.... Just too many wonders He does for us that we need to praise Him for.

It was not my intention to sing this song for this week but I was inspired by an invitation to do it. Last week @wizj did a sax cover of it and invited me to do a voice cover, I was reluctant but upon attention to the lyrics, I fell for the song and I decided to obey my oga, lolz. Thus, I say a big thank you to @wizj for giving me the opportunity to do this beautiful song.


To accomplish the job of presenting this song,I played my piano and sang along. It took me quite a number of recordings before I could arrive at this one and that is because, I didn't know the lyrics very well, so I had to try to memorize it and somwtime I forget a part or two and so I had to do it again and it amounted to a number of such repetitions, hehe. But it is fine anyway, I see it as one of the challenges with doing a new song and I love the challenge 🤪

I am very glad I was able to accomplish it. I hope you enjoy it as I really enjoyed doing it. Thank you for coming around. God bless you. Join me and praise the Lord!!!

Full lyrics here

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I love this song..
It's such a powerful worship song..

Nice keyboard intro dear..
Beautiful rendition in general.

You did well 😊😊😍❤️

See me nodding my head and singing along naa

I enjoyed your entry dear..

Much love ❤️

Tanching you so much Benii
Na dat much love na e me I dey more interested in, hehe
Much lovessss too, lolz

You see am...I don help ya life o @jesus-son . na my work sha

Nna ehh...Igbo boi na Igbo boi o...una hear the song @benii @hopestylist @ksam @richardplacid. Make una dance o, my brother don drop am.

Weldon bro for this wonderful and soul lifting piece. Its amazing.

Expect more challenges from...😂😎😎😎🤝


Baba Don drop as usual 🙌🙌🙌

U na dropper nah

Yes o...real Boss, no be chaiz🤝💪

@ksam him do wella

Boss keh😏😏

Keh boss 😂😂😂


Thanks bro
Actually na your work, hehe

You just like to dey intimidate me 😭 we no dey do competition naaaa... have I wronged you in any way? 🤧

Na wa ooooo
This was more than good!

Definitely, you practice or rehearse wella with the keyboard to ensure that everything goes smooth with regards to creating the beat, loops, interlude and every every. Your voice and harmony just finish work... chai!!! God when oooo 🤧🤲

@wizj go carry him sax dey intimidate me sef 🥲

Lolz, my oga like to.dey whine e boys sha
But me I understand say u dey try encourage me
Thank you bro
It's a pleasure for me

No be lie chief
I for like come for training

Setting beat or making beat on keyboard is actually a difficult matter for me eeehn... so when person sabi do am well.. e make sense

Infact, that interlude you had to add the metronome and play along with it, then switched it off.... all those fast actions no be beans oooo...

So when next we call you Oga, just accept am sharp sharp

I no say if I continue to argue I no go win so leme just accept it as a compliment. You wey be baba for music generally
Sha tanchu sir. You too much

You're welcome baba

Abeg o...I inoocent die for here o @ksam and @jesus-son...him sef no the truth

All the same...male una weldone o👋🙌

You are inno- what??
Make I do like say I no hear sha, hehe

Yes oooo....I am inno oooo @jesus-son

Bring y'self here by Friday o

Ok sir
I hear

Ómó only your intro na mad entry bro..couple with the harmonization, this is so nice really put in a lot of work in to this, well done bro, your voice is nice and your performance was really good 👍

Thank you very much the voice man
I appreciate this kind act
God bless you

God bless you too bro...well done ✅

Greetings Brother @jesus-son

Bro, I couldn't watch the whole video because my internet fails a lot! Here in Venezuela there are many failures with the internet connection.

But what I could see, is that you have a good command of your instrument for the song, excellent independence in both hands with the Piano.

I love the way you sing! I can tell you are praising God with a lot of passion, the second voice is magnificent!

A fraternal embrace

So sorry about the Internet issues.
I appreciate you for the uplifting comment. I am glad I was able to create something worthy of listening and being enjoyed by you. Have a great day

Wow!!! That sure sounded good!!! It's been a while since I've heard something with so much rhythm, the double voice was apotheosic. Well done. Regards!

Thank you so much dear friends. I am glad I was able to achieve a melody you like. Best regards

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Great! Thank you @hivebuzz fornthe updates.

All good @jesus-son! You are a true inspiration for Hive! Keep going and reach your new target!

fantastic friend.. how good this sounds with the choirs and the piano performance. you have done excellent. I like that you enjoy it while you do it heheehe. blessings.😎

Thank you so much dear friend

Ah! I understand the struggle of not knowing lyrics when you need to record a video.
You did just to it in your unique way.
Had it been you stayed close, I would have invited you to my church's 17th anniversary. This song is what we will be ministering.

Well done Jesus-son, indeed without Jesus in our lives, we ate nothing.
Awesome presentation.

Thank you so much dear friend.
Where your church dey, I fit enter flight come, hehe

You sure?


Na this month??

Yes oo

This Sunday sef

😭😭 dats too close
No worry another program

You see one reason I love Nathaniel Massey song is because of his grace to move crowd and when someone else sings the song the grace still flows .
Loving your presentation 🤗😊

Thanks you Treasure. You too much


You put in lots of effort and it came out beautifully. You're indeed a master of your art.

I catch you, whiner weldone o
Thanks dear. Really I out in alot of effort. To record am take me time no b small

I am glad you like it

😄😄😄 I know say you go gree say you good and we sef no go taya to tell you.


Igbo man I see u men
I love that melody u started with my guy
U just too much
Me am just felling lazy to do any post but I will try, I just felt encouraged to do something that is if time still de

Sometimes that laziness dey show up but man gats step up and do something
Thanks bro for the compliment
You too much sir

So you will be doing shakara because you know how to sing this beautifully.

Shea you will also teach me this keyboard let me use and do small shakara too😫

Beautiful piece❤

Hehe, u know I can do anything for you baby

Thanks dear for the compliment

Eiiiiiii, blow us away @jesus-son 🔥🔥. Yunno words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this entry, i was just shining my teeth all through the song. Y'all are showing me things I didn't know about African music and this presentation is simply heartwarming. Keep doing your thing @jesus-son, it's awesome. Well done!

Sekaniiii, na wao! Where u attend your whining classes, lolz

Sha I am grateful that a person of your calibr find my stiff pleasant enough to watch.
Tanchu ma

I can see you're doing what you know how to do best.
This is amazing 😍🤩
Well-done 👏

Thanks dear. I dey still learn

You're welcome 🤗