AFRI-TUNES 23 | GOLIBE by Flavour - Guitar Cover by Ksam

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Lovers of Good Music on Hive!

Lovers of African Music on Hive!

My Afri-tunes Community people!

This is another week of our lovely and amazing event on Hive, Afri-tunes, and this is the 23rd week.

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As at 10pm yesterday (Wednesday 17 August), I was still indecisive with regard to my choice song for the Week.

I wanted to play a contemporary mix like Overload by Marvins, but it seems I wasn't in the mood for it. So I crossed that off my mind.

Then I decided to explore songs that aren't too recent but not too Old. Flavour was the first musician that came to my mind.

Screenshot_20220818-041424_My Files.jpg

I remember his song Ada Ada, and I tried it out first. It wasn't giving me what I wanted, but it led me to Golibe.

Well these two songs are very connected and somehow compliment each other.

On the one hand, "Ada Ada" is an eulogy to a beautiful bride who is getting married in the Traditional way. Flavour, in this song, praises her beauty in different ways, and he also speaks of how everyone has gathered to celebrate this day with her.

On the other hand, Golibe, which was released 2 years after Ada Ada, is also an eulogy to a beautiful bride just like Ada Ada. The only difference is that Flavour also speaks of the personal struggle he (the protagonist) took to find his bride.

Well, another notable difference is that, in the former, he names the bride "Ada Ada" (an Igbo name given to every first daughter), but in the latter, at the end of the Golibe song, he listed some names. Well this doesn't mean that the song is only for those bearing the names, rather he is just trying to tell us that so long as you're in the category, then you worth it.

By the way, "Golibe" is an Igbo word that means rejoice.


That is the reason why both songs are used during traditional wedding ceremonies in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

On my own part, I love Golibe song better and that's why I chose it to share with us on this great day.

I hope you'll enjoy this piece.





Verse 1

Otego m chobalu nwa di mma m ga-anu
E don tey I have been searching for you
Otego m chobalu asa di mma oyoko
E don tey i have been searching for you
Fortunately oo m wey funu nwata di mma Anwunta atabeghi ya
Baby na sweet paw paw


Baby get something, nekenenu nwata nwelu something
Achala ugo nwanyi nwa bu Ugegbe oyibo


Nwata makata mma le le (makata makata) Iye eeeehh (makata makata) Omakata mma eeeeeh (makata makata)
Nwata di mma I say nwata makata mma le le (makata makata) Iye eeeehh ooo (makata makata) Ololo olooooo(makata makata) Nwata di mma Nwata makata mma le le (makata makata) Omakata mma eeeeeh (makata makata) Iye eeeehh (makata makata) Nwata di mma I say nwata makata mma le le (makata makata) Iye eeeehh ooo (makata makata) Nwata makata mma lelelele (makata makata) Nwata di mma

Verse 2

Golibe golibe Your mama born you well
Golibe yoyoyo eeeee Nwata golibe
Ugegbemuooo golibe na mama yi musili yi ike
Golibe yoyoyo eeeee mma si na chi

Concluding Part

So mma
Ugegbe makata (so mma)
Adugo makata (so mma)
Iyawo makata (so mma)
Nneka makata (so mma)
Ogechi makata (so mma)
Njideka makata (so mma)
Adaolisa i makata (so mma)
Nkiru makata (so mma)
Chinelo makata (so mma)
Chinenye makata (so mma)
Chikaodili makata (so mma)


Its been long since I've been looking for a beautiful woman to marry
Its been long ave been searching for you
I've been looking for a beautiful woman for a long time
Its been long ave been searching for you
Fortunately I saw a good child
Mosquito hasn't bitten her
Baby is sweet pawpaw


Baby get something, look the child has something
Spotless Eagle, foreign reflective mirror


Baby shinning beauty
Baby shinning beauty
Baby is fine
I say the baby is shining beauty
Baby is fine

Baby shinning beauty
Baby shinning beauty
Baby is fine
I say the baby is shining beauty
The child is shining beauty lele le
Baby is fine

Verse 2

Be happy be happy
Your mother gave birth to you well
Be happy!
Baby be happy

My mirror be happy your mama born you well
Be happy beauty is from the creator
Baby get something, see this girl has something
Mosquito hasn't bitten her
Baby is sweet pawpaw

Concluding Part

Adugo so beautiful
Iyawo so beautiful
Nneka so beautiful
Ogechi so beautiful
Njideka so beautiful
Adolisa so beautiful
Nkiru so beautiful
Chinelo so beautiful
Chinenye so beautiful
Chikaodili so beautiful

Lyrics and translation gotten from Musixmatch

Instrumental was extracted via Moises

The video of the song was done without much instruments unlike the audio

I prefer the audio

afri afri.png

Special thanks to @starstrings01 @obaro and every supporters of this great community. KSAM loves you all.


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This man, hahaha what a turtle neck, na you go play for my wedding, e sure me die. Well-done, that was lovely. You go be better lover boy oooooo see as you dey shake head.

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Thank you so much 🙏


My bend-down-select turtle neck? 😅 baba no vex say I dey disgrace you ooo 😅

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Hehehe... Respect chief 🤲

Always giving us vibes on vibes... I do love watching your entry, it has always been amazing and worthwhile. Keep up the good work boss.

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Thanks for your comment baba

Lol... You're not a boy ooo you're a big man and you're also doing something big not small😃
You're always welcome boss.

It's a lovely piece indeed, and you way of introducing the song just makes it perfect, it is much explanatory and gives more earning to the song.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you so much dear
Im grateful for your wonderful reply 🙏

You are most welcome

Okay this your video has inspired me to come back to Afri-tunes. And it looks like everybody here complete instrument but me ...why??????. Nice video my gee

We just trying our best to share the fun and the smile... we hope to see you soon 🙌

All of you people can sing 🥲 except me 🥲🥲 why nau 🤧

Thanks brotherly
You too much 🙌

chaii, the sweetness of this sound is making me to forget what I want to write, but anyway, I'm not going to forget to say this... this is too good to be called amazing, the way the guitar is playing with is adding more vibe to it.... The tempo just dey give me joy.

I use to love this song anytime I listened to it and now you're taking the beat to another great level.... 🤩

Sorry madam
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Omo! They say the patient dog eats the fastest abi nah fatest bone and this has just happened to me now, I was just waiting patiently until towards the end of the song and baba actually gave it to us hot with his proffesional ginta! Omo! Wetin we dey call that hot flow nah "ukwu rue gi ala" meaning, "bend your waist" nah only guitar legends fit do that kind ariaria fast flow!

Baba! You know nah, you nah no 1 d champion!

Baba I dey learn from you nau
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