AFRI-TUNES WEEK #28|| Mma Mma by Frank Edwards || (a cover)

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AFRI-TUNES WEEK #28|| Mma Mma by Frank Edwards || (a cover)

Hello Afri-tunes and music lovers, I hope you guys are chilling!
It's the 28th week on Afri-tunes community and another opportunity to express ourselves through African music.


This week I will be presenting a song by Frank Edwards titled Mma Mma which is a worship song in his native language "Igbo". This song from the inception to the end highlights the wonders and majesty of GOD, especially in his life.

To be more specific, the song was released not long after the singer became renowned as part of the countries finest gospel artists hence one can surely say that the song was his way of giving thanks to God.
As a mater of fact, one of the phrases in the song says "you lifted me, and gave me a song agam aturu gi mma mma!" in essence, he owes his upliftment to God almighty!
Subsequently, I will place the YouTube link to the Original song and the lyrics of the song.

Song Lyrics
Mma Mma, Nma nma (Praise, praise) x?
Mma Mma e (Oh, Praise)
O, Great and Mighty God

Lord you reign, forever You’re the same,
Agam aturu gi mma nma (I will praise You)
You lifted me, and gave me a song
Agam aturu gi mma nma (I will praise You)
Mma Mma e (Oh, Praise)

Okorobia di nma, Mma Mma e (I praise the Beautiful One)
Chi onyem ji eme onu, Mma Mma e (I praise the God in whom I boast)
Nar’ ekele (Receive all the Glory)
Nar’ otuto (Receive all the honor/thanksgiving)
Soso gi bu Chim o (You alone are God)
Anyi ga aturu gi mma mma (We give you all the praise)



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For sure, I cannot but enjoy it brother.
Frank Edwards will be proud of you if he gets to see this cover, this was so professional. The rhythm and voice over was too good.

Thanks for sharing this with us

Boss Boss on it again... Always feeling the vibes on vibes oo. Your presentation is always a Masterpiece, good job boss always doing well 👍
Just got another thing to learn for the week 😃

You really did a great job, my brother

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you for bringing back this old but great song. Great performance.