AFRITUNES WEEK #46_//Cover of OMAH-LAY 'Godly' by @Ovey10

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AFRITUNES WEEK #46_//Cover of OMAH-LAY 'Godly' by @Ovey10


Hello my African people and the people of Hive entirely, I welcome you to my entry for Afritunes week #46. Today I bring to us a Trumpet Cover of "Godly" by Omah-Lay, one of the Nigerian circular music I fell in love with so deeply. It's amazing what made me like this song is not related fully with the song. This song is somehow talking about God actually but I do feel calm when I listen to the song those days when I was served hot breakfast in my early High school. Breakfast here I mean (Break up message) for some of us who don't know. I could easily play this song and when I do I usually see sleep because sleep as nothing to do with people that recieve a **breakfast** from their spouse specially that very day of occurrence. We do get healed after such encounter but in a slow and gradual process, heartbreak hurts but most Importantly it teaches us how to discover strength and courage in ourselves. I think the rhythm of the song contributed to me liking the song too. I remember I will play it on repeat with a very low volume and that is it, sleep will come in a twinkle of an eye. It took me several attempts to be able to record this video because of so many errors and challenges but I am excited I could get a result of what is there above and I hope you all enjoy my entry 💜🙏

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Song Lyrics


I don't wanna huh! (Hmm)
I don't wanna huh! (Hmmhmm...hmm...hmm)
Live my life for you (Youuu)
Live my life for you
All over the news hmm
All over the news hmm
Only God na him know the kind of thing I do
The kind of thing we do do

Men I thank god I godly
And say God no ungodly
Oluwa na him comfort me
When this people dey come body me
Men I thank God I Godly (Gon gon gon)
Say God no ungodly (Gon gon gon ahhh)
Oluwa na him comfort me
When this people dey come body me (Dey come)

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One Love 💜

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Yeaaaa💪💪💪. So you vibe trumpet @ovey10 ? it...its nice bro. My head didn't stop shaking after all. Good job🎷🙌🙏. Weldon!

Yeah bro, I play a bit of the trumpet and that's why I was so happy to see you on the sax because the saxophone and trumpet are good friends 😀😀
Thanks for coming around man @wizj🙏🙌💜

Amazing cover my music guru🙌

Thanks Boss😎🙌

Boss @ovey10 I dey always look you with one eye any time I see you with trumpet. Looking at you I recall the difficulty it posed me to have an idea of playing it. Meen it was the hardest instrument I ever tried to learn. But here you are playing it so swiftly with no mistakes. I salute you Baba you too much

I really know how difficult the instrument is and it took me a lot of sacrifice to get to the small place I am now and by God's grace we are still moving bro..
Thanks for coming around 🙏💙

You are welcome boss man

Yes ooo, here comes one of my favourite songs from Omah_Lay that year!
Man your presentation was literally a blast. You meticulously studied each note of the melody and you delivered it incredibly!

Thanks for bringing us this beautiful song with your trumpet!

My boss himself...
It's a blessing to have those words of encouragement from an incredible guitarist like you..
Thanks for coming around boss 💙🙌🙏

Boss never disappoints...always stunning us all with his magnificently magical entries🙌💯's really nice to know that you have the knowledge of a wind instrument....beautiful rendition my brother!!.....I want to be like you when I grow up😄🙌💙💯

So you want to be small like me...?😃😃
Please remain on the high table where bosses belong please...
Thanks for coming around the sax man 😃🙏🙌💙

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency 🥰🥰

This is an interesting song. It is one i've listened to before, and I love the rhythm of the song.

You did so well with this presentstion. I love it.

Thanks so much dear.. am glad you visited.. happy Sunday to you 🥰🙏

My pleasure... I hope you have a great day.