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A big shout-out to everyone in the AFRITUNE community

It's so good to be here again to take part in the week 100 contest. I hope you are all doing well. For this week on African vibes, I will be presenting a song titled Capture My Heart by Minister GUC

I was confused about which song "Capture My Heart" to choose from; the Minister GUC or Dunsin Oyekan, because they both touched me and reinstated God's love in my heart. I ended up choosing Minister GUC and maybe other times I will get to sing the other version.

The song is all about God's unwavering love for us, looking at my life now especially when I came across so many difficulties, even when I drifted away from him he still received me with his loving arms and helped me out of my darkness. I am sure we have gotten to a path that we feel we can't cross, or our knees almost gave out, our strength failed us but God came through for us.

The presence of God in our life is not fiction, is not a fallacy, or a fragment of our imagination, He is so real and I sure so many of us can attest to that, we must have had personal encounters with Him, we see how he has made the blind to see, lame to walk, the broken to be mended, we have seen the goodness of God in our life's and people around us, His love, His mercies, His compassion, His forgiveness. I am happy to tell you that God is still doing more for us, the greatest things are yet to come and it's going to be a shocker😄.


There’s no day that You don’t show me love
There’s no day that You don’t help me out
You have promised: You won’t let me down
Yes You are real, I’m not dreaming
You are the one for me, my Love
I’ve Seen you heal, I’m not dreaming
You are the one for me, my Love

Yes You are real, You are so real
You are the one for me, my Love
We’ve seen you heal over again,
We trust you’re doing more today
We’ve seen you lift, over again, over again, over again

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Thank you for listening


Wow. This is a beautiful entry.
I love your vibes and you have a sweet voice.
Keep up dear

Thank you so much I appreciate

The love of God towards us is just massive, it's beyond what we can explain.
We cannot thank Him enough for all the goodies we receive on a daily, His mercies are new every morning.

Nice entry dear, keep up the good work.

Yess ooo.Thank you so much

You mean am for this song @pjwelry.😍😍

I love the energy you put into this presentation and am already in love with your voice.

Indeed, there's no day that the Lord does not show us love. Keep it up, ma'am.

Awww thank you so much 🤩

I love this song song too
Beautiful voice too
Keep it up 👍

Thank you so much ma'am 😍