Afri-tunes#79 ~` Mohbad - Feel Good (Cover)

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Hello Music Lovers ❤️❤️❤️.

It's week #79 on @afri-tunes and for this week, I will be sharing a song by Mohbad titled "Feel Good".

This is one of his songs that I really love and it talks about being cheerful amidst troubles as Hard work and grace of God helps one overcome any obstacles.

In life, there are people who would be jealous of your success. Don't be surprised if most of those people are those closest to you. They try to bring you down in different ways and instead of allowing them drag you down, you should keep rising despite it all. Do things that makes you feel good, things that helps you even better in what you do.

Maybe in time, they would get to let go of the dislike and become genuinely happy for you or maybe not. But nevertheless, always do you, the world will adjust.

This song also serves as an inspiration especially for people who had it tough growing up and finally got their way around in life through hardwork and dedication.

The song has a combination of "Nigerian Pidgin" and Yoruba Language and I hope you enjoy my presentation.

Here are some parts of the lyrics ;


Plenty enemies wey dey follow me
Maje ko mu mi even if nah dying minutes
Emi omo ghetto moti di ajilomotor
My grace nah auto, automatic
Wanfe bami ya photo, photo

Emi ti gbera (On God)
Lati 4:30 (On God)
Wanle wan bati (On God)
Wan mu wan file (On God)
My drip on check, otu wa on point (On God)
Imole (On God)
Owale (On God)
(On God)

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Thank you all for watching.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 173 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you @pixresteemer

Beautifully rendered Sis 💝

Thank you for watching sis

You're welcome

Dear @rukkie
I was curious to visit your entry after seeing the title and the name of the artist that owns the song..
It's really a tragedy to the whole of Mohbad fans and some Nigerians to loose Mohbad into the cold hands of dead.. seems youre one of his fan, you sang his song beautifully
I pray God comforts his family and entire diehard fans of Mohbad...
Thank You For Sharing This With Us @rukkie

It's so sad to see him die so young. May his soul rest in peace.

Thank you for coming around.

Nice entry 👌

Thank you sis

You're welcome 😊

Yay! 🤗
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Feeling good admist challenges and frienimies is one good strategy for living one's life. You sang the song well, weldone 👍.

Till now I never get d real face of your face, hehe. Correct vibes transmitted. Nife cover. Weldone

😂😂😂😂😂 my face dey confuse person sometimes.

Thank you jare.

You are welcome