Afri-Tunes week 118- ORE OFE BY ROTIMIKEYS. COVER.

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Hello everyone, Welcome to Afritunes week 118, okay so I made this recording last night in hopes of posting it but I slept off .haha , we can't cheat nature.

Designed on canva

So I am doing this cover of Ore Ofe Sha by rotimi keys, haha okay this cover is in a different form than I would have done , I just thought of presenting this this way ,don't mind me, it's because I so much enjoy listening to this song ,I couldn't just not let the song play on the background.

This song talks about the Grace and Mercy of God , we know God is a God of mercy and he grants us grace to achieve all things in life. Through the grace of God we are alive and well and also we are victorious and we can't help but always thank God for his doings.God's grace and mercies are forever new and they will continue this in our life's.

I hope you enjoy this song just like I did, another reason I played the song itself ,is so that those who don't know the song can enjoy too and go listen to it.hehe

Thanks for watching.

If it had not been for your grace, Ore ofe sha ni mo ri gba
If it had not been for your mercies ,Anu sha ni mo ri gba.
Somebody say grace, grace say grace grace
Ore ofe sha
Say mercy mercy any no mo ri gba

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You did my favorite song, weldone.

It has been God's grace thus far, thank you sharing your talent with the community.. @treasuree
Thank You For Sharing This With Us

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Nice entry ma'am. More grace @treasuree

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