Jpud, Constancy and Dedication./ Jpud, Constancia y Dedicación.

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Jpud, Constancy and Dedication.

Again I have the opportunity to invest, I would have liked it to be a larger amount but the week was completely complicated in personal matters, however, there I am placing another grain of sand to increase my voting power and continue to support #reggaesteem

The constancy is the main factor to arrive at the success, who day to day is dedicated to grow, day to day will be growing, I hope that the users who make life in this tribe do not lose the way to walk, we are doing it well, supporting to each other and helping us to improve for the good of the community.

Soon it will rain more participants willing to invest their time and talent in reggaesteem, we just have to be prepared to know how to attend and guide them, the good vibe runs through our Caribbean blood and we must promulgate our essence to others.

The blessings are on the surface, and reggae music enhances the overall culture of the Caribbean, we must continue to work together to achieve the takeoff it needs #reggaesteem.

I invite all who make life in Steemit, to believe in the Jahm and to be part of its community, great adventures and knowledge will be gained by sailing in the great world of the Caribbean.




Jpud, Constancia y Dedicación..

Nuevamente tengo la oportunidad de invertir, me hubiese querido que sea un monto mayor pero la semana estuvo completamente complicada en asuntos personales, sin embargo, ahí voy colocando otro granito de arena para aumentar mi poder de voto y en seguir apoyando a #reggaesteem

La constancia es el principal factor para llegar al éxito, quien día a día se dedica a crecer, día a día estará creciendo, espero que los usuarios que hacen vida en esta tribu no pierdan el modo de caminar, estamos haciéndolo bien, apoyándonos entre nosotros y ayudándonos a mejorar para el bien de la comunidad.

Pronto lloverán más participantes dispuestos a invertir su tiempo y talento en reggaesteem, solo debemos estar preparados para saberlos atender y orientar, la buena vibra corre por nuestra sangre caribeña y debemos promulgar nuestra esencia hacia los demás.

Las bendiciones están a flor de piel, y la música reggae enaltece la cultura general del caribe, debemos seguir trabajando unidos para lograr el despegue que necesita #reggaesteem.

Yo invito a todos los que hacen vida en Steemit, a creer en el Jahm y a ser parte de su comunidad, grandes aventuras y conocimientos obtendrán al navegar en el grandioso mundo del Caribe.


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I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any recommendations, please can leave it through a comment

This has been all for the moment.

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ReggaeSteem and the #JAHM tag is for Reggae Music and Caribbean cultural/travel content. Not for posting about every single time you power up some JAHM.

People have you on Autocurate in the community because they respect your content, not to reward you for posts like this.

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The publication does not show as a main idea my power up, but my enthusiasm to invest and continue growing in #reggaesteem, I think it is a wrong decision to give negative votes to a user without first being warned.

On the other hand, I see that arbitrary rules are applied to the weakest, previously you gave me a negative vote for posting "DE MI AUTORÍA" content in English and then in Spanish, when recently one of my posts was completely used by another user in another language and I still don't see your negative vote in it.

I have no problem with others taking my post for the good of the tribe, but it seems unfair that they apply rules to some and not to others.

It makes me sad to see this in this community that seems serious to me.

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Please add something about Caribbean culture and Reggae music to all of your posts.

We already know and thank you for loving Reggaesteem. Why not submit proof of spreading the word in a meaningful way off of Reggaesteem here it's more effective to spread the word off of the blockchain than on it where everyone here has already heard of us.

The removal of unearned/pending Jahm rewards is a warning.

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