Meme Dabbling : This is not a Shill!

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I’ve been messing with memes, forgive me Bitcoin Jesus 😂. Seriously though, it is a lot of fun 🤩 and thrill but I do it responsively. It’s also a good way to kill some time while the other “old” and “boring” aka established crypto do their thing. But one must be careful not to get carried away and distracted by the memes.

For me, memes are a good way to test out chains like Solana and Base, chains that I wouldn’t normally touch. And one has to realize these memes were made by design to attract new users to the chain. It all started from the ETH playbook back in 2017-2018. But the only problem was, the little guy or the low risk tolerant couldn’t participate because of the fees.

The first thing

I believe, One must not invest in memes, you just see it as a fun game you are playing with money you can afford to lose… and if you are lucky or formulate a strategy, you can win the game.

I had a very interesting encounter with a meme that caught my eye recently, the name of the meme coin is Doge Marley, ticker $Marley. It is in no way related to the actual Marley estate and trust me, if they found out, they would want to get to the bottom of this.

I came across the meme on twitter and the account was asking for people to retweet, follow and drop your SOL address. So I thought what the heck, I actually am digging this meme. Long story short I ended up receiving 500,000 units of $Marley FOR FREE. I didn't think much of it but followed the account and kept up with when they were going to launch.

The second thing

Once you find yourself on a Bullet train ( my term for a trending meme coin), I think it is extremely important not to sell it all at once.The photo below shows what I would have gained if I sold at the first pump. Only about $200 in SOL. Not bad for something I got for free.


But then look what happened next...

Doge Marley went on a run and many times, I was thinking to press the trigger and let it all go.....but wait...

It could go up even more, let me not sell anything and ride it 10,000 X.

These are thoughts in the minds of many as they trade/gamble, especially with memes. So the simple boring strategy is what I used. Sell half when it doubles, then half when it doubles again, then sell half when that doubles. But with memes, they move so fast it is not easy to watch the double up and it’s not sufficient gains for meme territory. When I lost track of the double up I went with my gut and watched the order book, checked out X to see the sentiment and thought about the world that was just about to wake up and meme hunt on DexScreener.

Now, I didn’t end up with maximum gains using the double up and gut feeling strategy ,but I came out with something to dabble with or save for a rainy day. I also have a moon bag incase Doge Marley ever recovers …

What do you mean recover ?

You know exactly what I mean, every meme has its rug pulled or whales that grab up a chunk of the supply and then they rug pull even the creators of the meme.


The third thing…

Follow your gut feeling is what I’ve learnt. All of last night I was watching the chart for Marley go parabolic, my mind said “yep, time to sell more, it’s getting too hot” and I sold another half. Half of that half into USDC, the other into SOL. I think it was a wise decision.

I still have a few meme bags, some that were not good to me at all, others that I have already taken my profit and letting the rest ride ( moon bag ). None of this is financial advice and trust me I am no trader. Meme coins are all about luck, and I guess I got a little lucky. But before that luck was some muck. 70% down on BCOQinu ( Black Coq in U). Yeah, I bought it just because it gave me a chuckle 😂.

Any meme coining on your side? Do tell in the comments below👇🏾



Might pick up some of that Marley and success is a good one my friend spoke about this one 👊🏾

@tipu curate 👍🏾

It may just come back to life,may take some time. I'm stil diggin the meme, Bob Marley and Dodge... too funny. Success making a move as I type this.

It might do you just never know 🤝🏾

I've made some crazy gains with memecoins over the last few years

Have you heard of Corgiai on cronos that's one I got in before the big pump I made over 14k and I'm earning over 50 dollars a day from that one play 💰

Now that is a some nice gains! Wife changing in many countries 😁
Never heard of it, never used cronos. Sorry for the late reply, got caught up on them memes 😂

@tipu curate

One must not really invest in meme or if one is investing, one must be very careful of it

Yes indeed. All money I can afford to lose but I tread cautiously so I don't lose it. It's my way of experiencing the various chains.


I'm glad I know sign language
It's pretty handy.

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The people who put money inside the bonk have become so rich we can't imagine a friend of mine only put in $20 and he was getting $700 but still no sell.

Hey, you never know! I would at least take 100 out and put into something else. Sorry for the late reply.

Ok no problem dear.

Meme coins have been really supportive and a lot of people are making it big from them

Indeed, very dangerous downside but if one views it as a fun night out with friends that could lead to some gains, then it is all good. Sorry for the late reply.