Fearmongering Continues Over THC Vaping

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Along with the growing demand in vape products in recent years there has been a surge in interest for cannabis vape products, this has meant that many THC vape oil products have ended up being sold on the black market to try and cater to the demand.

Some have contributed to what the media is referring to as a 'vape crisis' where at least 23 people have allegedly died from their vape use. But experts say they need to understand more about the problem. At the beginning of October for this year there had been over 1,000 probable or confirmed cases of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome that was likely also associated with THC vapes.

Investigators from Wisconsin and Illinois had interviewed more than 80 patients who got sick from vaping THC products and they discovered that for many of them that they had purchased THC vape products that were labeled as Dank Vapes. The more than 20 patients that have lost their lives so far have also come from all over the United States, from 21 different states.

The FDA has warned the public to stop vaping THC products that they are buying off the street.

Some regions have already taken to banning flavored cannabis vaping products for several months to try and help.

Despite what has seemed like growing acceptance for cannabis legalization in many areas, there has been a continued crackdown against the prospect of cannabis edibles, vaping, and cafes. The cannabis market is an industry that has been peppered with strict controls.

After at least 20 or more deaths in the United States that have allegedly been linked to a mysterious lung illness, the safety of vaping in general has again come into question. But some medical cannabis advocates are expressing their frustration with the growing war against THC vaping as the specific product which might have contributed to the illness many have suffered from remains unknown. For many individuals who are working in this space and who have been striving to create quality products that can help people, they obviously see a broad full ban as overly reactive and therefore an unjust restriction on their liberty and the liberty of others.

Right now, authorities don't know if they should even blame the THC for the problem or something else that might have been in the vape cartridge.

"We’re not saying it is THC, we’re not saying it’s not THC. But it appears to be something that is in THC cartridges,” - T. Hudachko, health department spokesman

Previous tests have discovered that some cannabis vapes have been tainted with hydrogen cyanide

You can find counterfeit vapes in a variety of places, people aren't taking the time to seek out trusted sources to buy from.

Investigators from Wisconsin and Illinois had interviewed more than 80 patients who got sick from vaping THC products and they discovered that for many of them had purchased THC vape products that were labeled as Dank Vapes.

Black market products aren't going to be the only arena that you need to watch out for quality and pay attention to any potential hazardous contamination either. That's because we know that there are numerous occasions where a wide range of legalized products have contributed to illness and been pulled from the shelves over health and safety concerns too. It's happened with cannabis even, where legalized cannabis products have previously been pulled from the shelves over quality concerns and worries of mold.

Buy From A Trusted Source

Even if you think you are going with a trusted brand you still need to watch out for counterfeit cartridges that are being sold with the same packaging, logos, and branding, as a product which you trust and believe to be made with high-quality ingredients. In many circumstances, it's suggested that getting lab tests are the only way to truly know what's included in your cartridge since you cannot always trust the packaging or what's being told to you on the website or advertisement.

Legitimate vape sellers have been trying to combat this problem by providing the public with more information about where they can find those authentic thc vapes, including lists of authorized retailers and offering a place where you can report on social media about counterfeit products being sold. Still, the best way to try and make sure you are getting something of quality is to make a purchase from a trusted and reputable source.


The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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I suggest people learn about natural vaping, these coconut steamers are the best,

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need to try one of those!

It should be common sense, but like you said, and I've been saying since this whole thing started, black market or otherwise, only buy reputable brands from reputable dealers no matter what you're buying, but ESPECIALLY if it's something you plan on putting in your body.

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I have a vape where you just grind up your own bud and put it in... I don't trust that liquid stuff

you should take a pic? make a post about it for weedcash? ✌️ i've been using the liquid stuff from a trusted supplier for some time now, works great when i'm on the go

Damn that's a pretty high percentage of counterfeit stuff.. I think once it's legal everywhere the counterfeits will disappear.. in time flower and vape juice will be almost identical to the tobacco industry

just need to implement the perfect amount of violence to make it happen!💡😃 🙈

@doitvoluntarily, Black Market spreading the curse. Stay blessed.

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@doitvoluntarily hello dear friend, this information is incredible, but not surprising, anything can happen on the black market.
Thank you very much for spreading this news.
I wish you a wonderful day

if it is something delicate to vaporize products that are not known the interesting origin information thanks for sharing

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What nonsense. The government is against vaping because they can't sell it for $15.00 per pack and make a killing off of it. Being anti-weed vaping is even stupider.

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